Allow two instance of Anytype

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It frustrating to move back and forth for grabbing stuff in anytype.

Describe the solution you’d like

Having the ability to open two instance of anytype in parallel or side by side.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Multi windows support as in click a page it opens as a new windows or tabs like in craft would be great.

Additional context

The way Evernote does when creating a new note like a separate editor. Anytype can also consider this.


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As with Notion (windows version)

  • Middle click on Taskbar icon to open a new instance.
  • Ctrl+Click a Page to open the content of it inside a new instance.

[26](Add a "sidebar" for viewing/editing multiple pages at once) might be related as well.

It could be useful in some specific cases, but very limited compared to what you can do with the window management of MacOs or Windows. Multiple instance is much more powerful and convenient.

Moreover, that will be way more easy to implement.


Here my request that has same goals but different implementation, bcs I think for desktop and android tablets it is more powerful.
For iPadOS it would be more convenient with multiwindow support like applenotes ipados 15


Note that multiple instances is a very different thing from multiple windows. One of them has two processes, the other is one process with multiple windows. They are programmed differently and require different methods to get working.

I would think multiple windows would be the more sane way to go.

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@krixano It would be more sane way but currently it is not a priority(as it seems). So allowing to open it one more should help with navigation problem. I don’t know when they will even implement either of those solutions.

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@Srinath Precisely and on top of that, it would allow to use several different accounts at the same time.

Coupled with the future possibility to choose a custom local storage path, the freedom would be really appreciable, not to say relieving.


Several accounts is actually a really good reason for multiple instances, actually. I forgot about that.

However, by saying it was more “sane” I mainly meant that multiple windows would likely be easier. Multiple Instances have to deal with Inter-process Communication (the multiple instances might have to talk to each other), proper locking and sharing of the file system, etc. It can get complicated very quickly depending on how your application works. While with multiple windows, everything is in one process, so there’s no inter-process communication happening, and the multiple windows can share threads, share open files, share memory, etc.

If the team were to go the multiple instances route, maybe by having a portable version that’s in its own portable folder where the instance exe and data is located, then they would need to make sure the custom local storage path stuff works first, because of course each storage path would be in its own portable folder.


Yep, portable version would be ideal.


I heard from @ignatovv that this will be featured in the release following AUG 1, so not this one but the next.