Better filters for the Graph View

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When creating a lot of objects and relations, the Graph view becomes very cluttered.

Describe the solution you’d like
The ability to filter the Graph by relations (Tag, for example) would allow focusing on objects relevant at the moment.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The current UI allows excluding orphans, links, etc. that make the graph less cluttered, but it still contains the info irrelevant to the topic I’m interested in at the moment.


I agree. Being able to filter items in graph view is so useful. Also, I was thinking it would be nice that types also show up in graph view. I mean I could see all my “Pages” or other custom types that I’ve added.


Tags and their functionality are an important part for me. At the moment I don’t understand the meaning of tags in Anytype.

@Konstantin you are not the only one that is somewhat confused by how tagging in Anytype works. Did you happen to see this topic?

Tagging in Anytype will be reworked in a couple of releases :slight_smile:

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

There should be a way to add exclusions to graph view.

Describe the solution you’d like

Select what types of objects I want to appear in the view

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Having it so that at least cover images / icons are not referenced in the graph view (otherwise everything shows up twice)

Additional context

Exemple of the issue with cover images showing twice:


I thought of creating a new request but it makes sense to add it here:

An ability to display graph view by sets

It would be great to filter the graph view to display only the objects from a particular set. Currently it would only display objects of same type but with sets from relations features, this would help us to view only those nodes from a set as a graph like a Graph view for the set


A separate filter option just like the ones for sets would also highly benefit the graphs view to reduce the clutter. One could display only the nodes matching a certain criteria


@lynxlove It would be great if we could set graph views with pre-set parameters and save them.

Like exclude type XY or only include type X with relation Y … etc

I use my anytype for multiple things and having a very cluttered graph view with everything kind of defeats the purpose


Maybe having on the sidebar or in contextual menus options like “Show only this type of relation” or “Hide this type of relation” would work.

Or, in the case of objects: “Show only this objects hierarchy” - maybe this should be the default when accesing graph view from an object, at least fading out all the other stuff.

In general, being able to filter relations and shown things in the graph view would be a really useful tool for mind mapping and organizing.

+1 to this, is this being looked into? I use Anytype primarily for worldbuilding notes at the moment, which means there are lots of objects with lots of relations between them, and it quickly becomes very difficult to find what I’m looking for in the graph view. For example, here are my notes on just three sessions from a D&D campaign shown in graph view:

It’s hard to see at a glance which of these objects are notes on areas, characters, items, etc, and which are notes on the actual sessions of the campaign. this can be slightly alleviated by using sets instead, which can filter views, but a large part of the appeal of Anytype to me was the graph view, so it would be nice to be able to have some filtering/view options.

Ideas I have include:

  • An option to physically group objects of the same type near each other (e.g. all character notes will be in a clump, all session notes will be in a different clump, with relations connecting them)
  • An option to limit the degree of relation shown in the graph (e.g. “show only the selected object, things related to that object, and things related to those objects” - 2 degrees of separation)
  • The ability to set filters to not show certain objects in the graph view (e.g. Don’t show set objects in graph view, because it’s not very useful to see them at the moment as they aren’t connected to the objects contained within them)
  • The ability to not show certain relation types (ideally while still using them to help position objects). Every character, session, item, location etc note page I have contains a Campaign relation, pointing to the main campaign, which means that things very quickly get very messy with all the --campaign-> arrows. This could well be fixed with the filtering ability, if I changed the campaign object relation to a tag, and was able to filter the graph view to show only pages with a particular tag.
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I don’t think there is an eta, but there definitely will be a “project” in which the graph will be improved :slight_smile:
See for example the posts in this search query:

It seems the graph improvements are currently in the design phase.

@pavel could you check whether the current implementation in 0.31.0 is to your liking?

Is the currently implementation the “search + zoom” functionality that’s present? I don’t really see anyway to actually filter down what you’re looking at in the graph view, it just zooms in/centers an object.

It will not stay this way, it’s in experimental form atm. We will add filtering and significant UI changes


Instead of making a new post, I’ll add to this.
Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The graph view is not very useful as it is right now. It is too cluttered and there is no way to customise it with colours for example to make it more readily processable.

Describe the solution you’d like
For graphs to function more like sets in that you can create and save graph views with the same filtering features with custom colour-coded views. E.g. “colour all nodes for objects that are notes in yellow”.
For the graph view that is accessible from each object page, that should be a graph view of objects linked/related to that object with the ability to set the depth much like in Obsidian. E.g. “show objects with only one degree of separation or up to 4 degrees of separation”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There isn’t any alternative functionality like this in AnyType currently, This is inspired somewhat by how works


Linking this post since similar ideas were mentioned in the comments. (Filtering, customizing, and saving)

New Type of Pages - Whiteboard/Canvas

I’d like to add, we should also be able to filter by relationships, I think the big advantage of anytype is that it doesn’t JUST use one type of link but there are many types of links, so we can use that to filter for just 1 type of link and relationship

When I check an object in the graph and come back to it, it moves around on its own and I lose track of where I was navigating. I would also appreciate the ability to have the graph be frozen.


I realized checked tasks are included in graph view.
Under PARA, we might also accumulate completed & archived projects.
These completed / archived tasks and projects should have the option of being filtered out.

Perhaps the graph view needs a relation for “Completed / Archived” objects.

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Yes please. I recently found that Anytype is on a level where I can finally start using it for real. And quickly found that tasks show up in the graph. I also have another set that will contain a great deal of objects but they are not relevant to show on graph.

So rather than making this specific to tasks/objects I like the idea of having filters for some criterias and those being kept between sessions.

Add one more filter in Graph-View for checked tasks.


I believe that is important a new filter in the Graph-View where we can remove all the tasks that we already finish.


Add a new filter for the Graph-View.

Amazing work! Thanks!