Remove Home from Graph View


Currently the Home object will link to any page that is favourited in the graph view.
I recommend removing the home page from the graph view, or removing the links to the home page.


Removing the home node entirely from the graph view or just removing the links if it should still be accessible.


The issue with having the home node on the graph is that the home node is totally irrelevant. It has no baring on the information that it’s linked to and it causes a confusing knot in the middle of the graph where you’ve favourited different pages that you want convenient access to.
I don’t see why my car project, house project, business project, reading list, journal should all be joined in that way when the useful connections for the graph view are the shared knowledge or shared relations of specific pages or tasks within those projects.
Forcing anything you favourite to link up detracts from the value of the graph imo


It could be a filtering option (as long as we save filter states on the graph)



Hi @Erindale! I have too many Objects in my graph to search for the home Object. Could you indicate how you locate the home Object in the Graph view in the case there is any other way than just looking for it in the Graph view manually? :wink:

Why do you need it there at all? It’s not really a page or an object. It just has some favourites in it and you have a button in the UI already to go straight back to it from anywhere in the app.
The connections to it are arbitrary and changeable and confusing for the data linking. Like is it a hierarchal system where the Home is the top directory? Or is it a knowledge graph where the connections are based on inherent links between connected data?

Here’s a quick example from my graph: (bottom right) is my business and part of my business model is providing software training.
One current project inside that business is releasing a new course (top right) and so that is linked to it.
Alongside that is the actual course content with all of the scripts and supporting materials per video session (top left).
Because I’m using these a lot at the moment while I develop the curriculum, they’re all favourited so I have easy access but this means that they’re all linked equally to the Home node which obscures what belongs to which project and how they’re linked.
At the bottom left is my House project for tracking DIY and expenses etc and that too is linked to the Home node but that means it’s only 2 relations away from my business, and my course plan, despite the fact that it is a completely unrelated project that holds no baring or relation to it - other than I want easy access to both from my navigation panel.

This is why I think the Home node and connections to it undermine the value of the graph.

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Indeed, right now there is not much added value, but I believe that in the future the home object should become a true object like any other. When that becomes reality it would make sense to have the home object in the graph, but only then.


I think this is one of those requests/questions that can only be awnsered if and when it is clear what the end-goal is. In this case of the home screen.

Will it be as is or will it become something more of a real dashboard, like Evernote Start. Where you can add widgets (calendar, favorites, tasks, filtered views/set, pinned note, etc).

And also, I think it can be resolved with extra options for the graph view, like show home toggle, saved filtered view, etc.


Filters would definitely suffice. I didn’t realise the dash UI was still up for discussion! Being able to put my to do list set on there would be so good


I would say we are definitely want this one to be an option to choose not a mandatory stuff. We are tweaking graph ux now in our R&D and will address this pain as a part of graph update


The new app has a new flow and uses objects for the homepage so I’ll consider this solved!