Anytype Desktop 0.30.0...RELEASED 🎊

To our dear community:

Thanks for your support as we put together this release. A lot of love (and testing) went into it, and we hope you’ll enjoy this update. Now, time to kick off your 2023 Anytyping with a clean, productive slate by clearing the clutter from your account!


  • Deletion & Modification of Types and Relations
    We heard you loud & clear - starting with this update, it’s now possible to remove & modify both pre-installed and custom-made Types & Relations from the Library. Any modifications you make will be reflected in Objects which have already used these Types & Relations.

  • Introduction of Marketplace
    In case you’re wondering where all of those pre-installed Types & Relations have gone, they’re now conveniently stored in the Marketplace for both existing & new users to install to your account (and eventually add your own). Access the Marketplace from the new ‘Marketplace’ tab in the Library.

  • Set by Relation
    Step 1 towards making Sets more flexible: Set by Relation! Sets are no longer just limited to Types; you can now create Sets by filtering for Objects which share a given Relation. You can now create Sets by filtering for Objects which share a certain Relation. Quick hack for anyone who wants an overview of all Objects in their account: Create a Set by Relation: Modified Date, and…ta-da!

  • Everything as an Object
    …seriously, everything. Types & Relations are now their own Objects, meaning that it’s possible to create Relations and Sets of Types and…Relations. While you may already start experimenting with these features in the Library by opening each Type/Relation individually, this update also unblocks other highly-requested features such as grouping and tuning relation values.


  • Multi-select, delete, & link from Graph
    Say goodbye to rogue Objects hanging around in your graph! It’s now possible to right-click on Objects in the Graph to open a menu of operations, including Delete & Link. Hit Shift + Click to multi-select and bulk-manage these Objects.

  • Link-to Feature
    You now have an easy way to link Objects with each other, which doesn’t require editor blocks. Use the ‘Link to’ option in the Object 3-dots menu or in Graph to create direct links and quicker association between Objects.

  • Type creation on-the-fly
    It’s now possible to create or install new Types in Editor without needing to visit the Library. Whether creating an Object for the first time or changing its Type, use the dropdown to turn your Objects into whatever’s top of mind.

  • Kanban groups syncing cross-device
    Groups in Kanban are now correctly updating when changed from another device. Furthermore, if you add or delete any tags your Kanban will receive real-time updates!

  • Block navigation via arrow keys
    Speed through document editing and review by jumping between blocks using your left and right arrow keys.

  • Copy button next to Anytype version
    Bug reports just got that much easier - now, you can copy the version in one click by opening the Anytype → About Anytype window from the application menu.

  • Download button for image blocks
    Any image block in your editor now shows a download icon on hover, in case you would like to download and save images previously added to your Objects.

  • Design update: Link & Bookmark Blocks
    Link & bookmark blocks for URLs pasted from the web got a little facelift with this update - expect to see a small difference in font weights & favicons.

  • Design update: Read-only Relations in Sets (Grid View)
    Relations which cannot be updated (for instance ‘Created by’ or ‘Creation Date’) now have a lock icon displayed to indicate that they cannot be edited.

  • Toast notifications
    For greater clarity on actions you’ve taken in Anytype, we’ve introduced toast notifications for certain operations such as linking between Objects or installing new Types and Relations.

  • Link blocks in text mode previews
    It’s now possible to further customize how linked Objects in text mode appear in your editor. Click the orange handle next to the link block and choose Preview to play around with Description, Type, and/or Content in your Object preview.


  • Fixed: ‘Edit URL Link’ modal window no longer jumps to top left corner. Thanks @gdbb!
  • Fixed: ‘Create new Tag’ option now disappears once a Tag has been selected from dropdown. Thanks @sambouwer!
  • Fixed: Copy/paste in relation editing component is now working
  • Fixed: Drag’n’drop in Kanban is now updating to the correct position in the group
  • Fixed: ⌘ + Return to navigate to homescreen now works correctly. Thanks @dzlg!
  • Fixed: Hitting Tab from a simple table cell no longer skips a column. Thanks @Flip!
  • Fixed: Time selector now handles timezones properly. Thanks @u74a8!
  • Fixed: App updates are no longer possible when pin-code is locked. Thanks @sambouwer!
  • Fixed: New selection marquee no longer draws in corner on click. Thanks @Erindale!
  • Fixed: Closing Anytype on Mac while in fullscreen mode no longer causes an error. Thanks @ShukantP!
  • Fixed: Menu no longer closes when clicking/hovering on ‘Select Relation Type’ while creating new Relations. Thanks @kerbless!
  • Fixed: Search is no longer accessible from the tray menu when pin-code is locked. Thanks @sambouwer!
  • Fixed: LaTex blocks now close correctly when clicking on another LaTex block. Thanks @Karthik!
  • Fixed: Forward navigation button is now working properly. Thanks @gdbb!
  • Fixed: Global search hotkey is now working correctly when search results are in focus. Thanks @Flip!
  • Fixed: Using the keyboard to create an Object, then typing without clicking somewhere no longer edits the title of the parent Object. Thanks @Flip!
  • Fixed: Search menu is now working correctly when coming back from another app using ⌘ + Tab. Thanks @dzlg!
  • Fixed: Dividing grey line between columns no longer disappears on hover. Thanks @nikm07!
  • Fixed: Search bar now works when navigation window is open. Thanks @dzlg!
  • Fixed: Side mouse button now allows navigation in Settings window. Thanks @Poto!
  • Fixed: Exact date filters in Sets are now working properly
  • Fixed: Header no longer disappears when scrolling while an Object is opened in modal view. Thanks @gdbb!
  • Fixed: Using the Del key to merge content between blocks now works consistently. Thanks @Flip!

Awesome Job guys and Happy New Year :partying_face:! Well done everyone on this hug update and I can’t wait for what 2023 brings us, Anytype wise :grin:


Thanks for all the hard work! Loving the cleanliness! This was a great way to wake up. :grin:


Loving it! I suggest to all our great forum members to go and try to reproduce their bug reports with the new version :wink:


Monster update! :boom::japanese_ogre::fire:


All I want to say is: WOW!
Can not wait to try it! :partying_face:


What exactly does this mean?

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Hey :slight_smile: Some examples are: adding units for Time relation (minutes/days/weeks etc) and assigning them to specific Types. Or for instance, being able to organise your Relations library according to certain properties like ‘Relation-Type’ or ‘Tag’.

The precise implementation is not clear as features haven’t been planned yet; in any case, next-level relation management is possible now with RaO.


Ah, I thought this was already implemented in this update hence the confusion.


Hey guys! Awesome update, but something is going wrong with my desktop app. The app enters on an infinite loop loading screens. I reinstalled the app and it got back to normal, but after a few minutes navigating, it happened again and I can’t use the app.


Thanks @gsalles, can you please make a screen recording of this and post a Bug Report so our Devs can promptly resolve it?

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Hey, probably a dumb question but, how do I update? When I go to the app and do File->Check For Updates, nothing happens.

I’m on Linux and I’m using the .deb package.

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deb does not auto-update unfortunately, use


Is it scheduled to be fixed?
As it’s a bit annoying.
I downloaded 169MB so that apt can use 12 of them.

at least does it work in appimage?

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Appimages update automatically, yes.


Now I can really start using Anytype, thanks for this big update. Much appreciated.


This is a HUGE update . Thank you team. I can’t wait to get started with the new features. The update installed on my windows PC without any problem. And my android and tablet apps have also synced, as far as I can tell. All I can say is I am fully awed. Thanks for all the hardwork. Hope everyone is doing well.


Can’t wait to try out all these exciting features! Great work!!!


wow! amazing updates here! Great work AnyType Team!
My brain is already melting! I can’t wait to get started with this.

I am definitely going to need some help understanding the Relations - I still have not wrapped my mind around them totally yet!


how do I download anytype on MAC?