Minor bug when adding tags by typing partial string then clicking on desired tag

When adding tags, if you type a string that partially matches an existing tag, then click on it, there is a minor, mostly aesthetic, bug. The typed partial string still shows on the tag list, at the right.

I don’t think it should, especially considering the cursor isn’t even on the field anymore. It goes away once user navigates away, so it’s minor.


Where I try to reproduce this, I can’t see what you mean.

Please stick to the template for new topics, so we can get a “Steps to reproduce” and other useful information.
Also, if you are able to provide, a screenshot or a video often makes it a lot easier to understand.
Please adjust your report to that.
Thank you

Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I’d like to contribute here. So when I do it’s usually on a rush. I apologize for the sloppy post. Please feel free to delete it.