Anytype Android 0.10.0 released

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

— Objects | Introduced reloadable Bookmark Objects

In our last release (0.9.0) we introduced Bookmark Objects and Sets. Now, you can make sure that these Bookmarks are up-to-date with the ‘Reload’ function. From Set view, simply open your Bookmark, then tap the URL for the reload option.

— Editor | Introduced underline markup

You can now use the Block Style menu or / command to underline to your heart’s content.

— Sets | Pre-populate records with data taken from filters when creating new Objects

Contextualize your Object creation by adding new Objects via Sets. If you’ve applied any Relation filters to a given Set view, any new Objects you create from this view will be automatically populated with these relations.

Fixes & Tech :fire_engine:

  • Dashboard | Your Profile (as an Object), is now visible in ‘Recent’ Homescreen tab
  • Sets | Multiple sorts of the same relation are no longer permitted
  • Dashboard | Objects selected from the Bin tab are now unselected when swiping between tabs

Design & UX :art:

  • Relations | Introduced ‘quick action’ menu for relations: ‘Phone number’, ‘E-mail’, and ‘Link’ relations - simply tap on these relations for easy contact and browsing

  • Editor | Introduced loading state for Bookmark blocks

  • Editor | Introduced loading states for Objects while opening

  • Editor | Default background or text colors in Style menu are now differentiated with a diagonal line

  • Editor | ‘Create New Object’ is now the last option in the mention menu

  • Editor | Introduced archived state for mentions

  • Dashboard | Tab headers no longer jump when switching between tabs

  • Sets | Create button no longer overlaps with URL when adding long URLs to Bookmark Sets

  • Sets | Introduced relative values for date filters

  • Settings | Added ‘Show & Copy Phrase’ button to Recovery Phrase window

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


I love this feature!

Edit: I guess the availability on Google Play is still depending on review by our friends at Google? :wink:


Yes, the update is in review on Google Play. should not take too long!


Release 0.10.0 is available via the Play Store already!