Anytype Android 0.10.0 released

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

— Objects | Introduced reloadable Bookmark Objects

In our last release (0.9.0) we introduced Bookmark Objects and Sets. Now, you can make sure that these Bookmarks are up-to-date with the ‘Reload’ function. From Set view, simply open your Bookmark, then tap the URL for the reload option.

— Editor | Introduced underline markup

You can now use the Block Style menu or / command to underline to your heart’s content.

— Sets | Pre-populate records with data taken from filters when creating new Objects

Contextualize your Object creation by adding new Objects via Sets. If you’ve applied any Relation filters to a given Set view, any new Objects you create from this view will be automatically populated with these relations.

Fixes & Tech :fire_engine:

  • Dashboard | Your Profile (as an Object), is now visible in ‘Recent’ Homescreen tab
  • Sets | Multiple sorts of the same relation are no longer permitted
  • Dashboard | Objects selected from the Bin tab are now unselected when swiping between tabs

Design & UX :art:

  • Relations | Introduced ‘quick action’ menu for relations: ‘Phone number’, ‘E-mail’, and ‘Link’ relations - simply tap on these relations for easy contact and browsing

  • Editor | Introduced loading state for Bookmark blocks

  • Editor | Introduced loading states for Objects while opening

  • Editor | Default background or text colors in Style menu are now differentiated with a diagonal line

  • Editor | ‘Create New Object’ is now the last option in the mention menu

  • Editor | Introduced archived state for mentions

  • Dashboard | Tab headers no longer jump when switching between tabs

  • Sets | Create button no longer overlaps with URL when adding long URLs to Bookmark Sets

  • Sets | Introduced relative values for date filters

  • Settings | Added ‘Show & Copy Phrase’ button to Recovery Phrase window

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


I love this feature!

Edit: I guess the availability on Google Play is still depending on review by our friends at Google? :wink:


Yes, the update is in review on Google Play. should not take too long!


Release 0.10.0 is available via the Play Store already!


I have it uploaded from the Play Store. There it says it is version 0.10.0 with last update on August 30th 2022, so it looks good, but… On the splash screen on the app, and on the “About” screen, it still shows version 0.7.0-alpha… Probably something was left behind updating those screens, no worries but just to notice it :wink:

@Quercus that is interesting! My version says “0.10.0-alpha” correctly. Can you open Anytype on your Android device, then open the menu (top right of the home screen) and then About?
It should list the App version there, too, for you to double check the update/install went OK.

Yes same version: 0.7.0-alpha in the About screen too. But version 0.10.0 in the Play Store… So if you have the version displayed properly is not something that was left hardcoded, but something that went wrong with my update…

Anything I can do to help debugging this? Or i should just try to uninstall and reinstall AnyType?

I would indeed reinstall Anytype. Seems like the update didn’t work… Make sure you note your passphrase so you can login after the reinstall :wink:

Aham, reinstalling worked. Version 0.10.0-alpha now as expected… I’ll keep an eye on this in case it happens again with next release. Thanks!


This! The call functionality is great. I hope we will see more and more OS integration in the future.

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