Importing VCF files - Contacts syncing

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Describe the solution you’d like
I should be able to import my whole Contacts book through a .vcf file, or, even better, Anytype should keep my Contacts synchronized, so that a new entry for “Human” is created every time I add a Contact to my address book.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Manually creating an entry for every human and/or contact. This should be instead something effortless, and I should have already all the people I know at my disposal.

Additional context
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Seconded. Tommi has some great ideas!

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I am humbled, thanks a lot!
I feel bad I am no developer and I could not help make them true, though…


I’d like to be able to have apple’s contacts synced with anytype.

probably need the ability to filter, either include/exclude with groups/tags/attributes. and to specify the level of expediency with which you want them synced…

and what to do with attributes that don’t map 1:1 with existing attributes.

and if the synchronization should be 1 way, bidirectional, or ask for each…

not sure what else


+1, maybe this could be a feature provided by plugins (It feels like there would be a lot of similar need for other “weird” imports so I can totally imagine a future with a plugin for any particular need)?

Totally love this idea, would love to see in my personal Anytype. I added this to our import/export stream. It could take a while before we will start to implementing this one. It is a real complex problem and we have a lot more major integrations to build, but I love the idea to make a plugin for this. Definitely will be considered when designing our integration api. Thanks again for raising this up :tiger: