Table Markdown export doesn't follow markdown convention

Is your feature request related to a problem?
When i export tables in markdown they do not follow the markdown table convention.

Describe the solution you’d like
exported markdown tables should follow standard convention so its easier to feed into a md-pdf converter

Give us a real world use case for this feature

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
there arent any, currently there is no way to tell if something is in a table or not. the export is unclear.

Additional context
Here is how tables currently export.

 ### Nomu [のむ] - Dictionary form of drink   
Present aff.   
Present neg.   
Past aff.   
Past neg.   

how it could export

 ### Nomu [のむ] - Dictionary form of drink   
|Present aff.| Present neg.| Past aff.| Past neg.|
| のみます| のみません|のみました|のみませんでした|   
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Hi @LiteLotus, thanks for submitting this! I’m happy to see you submitted this as a feature request and not as a bug, as simple tables are quite new and work in progress in Anytype. The request is clear!

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out of interest what standard of markdown are you guys aiming towards? have you picked one? what are you planning to support?

+1 for this.

As I said in my first impression exporting to markdown is not super robust so I hope too to see some improvements to it (maybe in the mid term).

Also as I said in this topic, import/export features could be strongly related to plugins (e.g. a plugin that exports to a different flavor of markdown).

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agreed, +1 for this. i feel like its something thats really important to the longevity of the app,

I mean at the end of they day if they want to graduate to PDF rendering they will mostelikely go the md route, which means they need to standardise. the best markdown to HTML renderer i know is remarkable and that uses GFM as its standard. by default things like LaTEX arent supported IIRC, but im sure there is a plugin for it, from there they can style the generated HTML with CSS and pipe that into a PDF rendrer, exposing stuff to the user if they really want. would be kinda cool to have a exposed css endpoint so we could style it but thats more wishfull thinking.

found a latex renderer for remarkable.

@LiteLotus, thanks for the report :man_detective:
We will pack this request with outer small improvements on simple tables in the bundle and will ship it in a couple of releases



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Implemented in 0.29.0

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