Future plugin/extension API ideas

@div3xi, thanks, understood and good to hear. I agree that an API can certainly come at a later stage.

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@div3xi hold on, what about scripting? can we interact with Anytype file format?

By scripting according to the use case @roncz mentioned I presume that he meant to say formulas like notion has or did i understand him wrong. I think allowing for modifications in the file type is not feasible as this would mean allowing for modifications in the file processor.

Thank you for your reply. By scripting I mean something like the good old VB Script in Office. I have seen something like this in Trilium where they support Java Script to interact with page content. For example you can add a button and a field to a page to track your weight. Then the page displays a graph. Not sure, might be a bit to special, at least for now. However, I find the concept to have scripts to interact with page content quite nice.

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@roncz it’s okay. I think only moderators have that feature.

As per my understanding, right now things like plugins/api are not a short term priority (makes sense) but it’ll be at one point at it’ll also be one of the most important features. Sometimes it is difficult to understand which use cases one may have for a plugin/api so I’ll start with some examples of things I’d like to be able to develop:

    1. Improved book experience.

Ideally creating a Book object on anytype should not need for me to manually fill all values and relations. I’d like to develop a plugin/extension which lets you introduce an ISBN, for example) and it’ll create a book for you with all the relations already filled. Furthermore it’ll be able to create author objects (Human) for you. This will also need some kind of solution to create UI/UX forms in the same UI/UX style as anytype’s.

    1. Contact Synchronization

This may be something that the team will tackle in the future, I do not know, but it doesn’t matter, the example is good enough to understand the needs. Probably an SDK will be needed in order to develop applications outside of anytype that feed on the data of a user on the anytype IPFS network, in this case the application would use this SDK to maintain my gnome/android/whatever contacts synchronized with Anytype.

    1. Save to anytype

Another example of the necessity of an SDK to interact with anytype somehow, I’ll just straight up tell you about a real use case that Notion is taking advantage of. Draw.io (the web application which let’s you do flows and stuff) has an option to save directly to Notion, I’d love that feature on Anytype too, also it would be nice to be able to update certain files/objects with the SDK so I could for example list all my drawio flows on the webapp and modify them and they’ll be saved on their own instance/representation on another page. It’d be also very useful in order to save websites and stuff directly from a browser extension.

If you are a developer or user which would like a feature that clearly does not fit inside the base anytype, comment your use case here, it’ll probably help Anytype’s developers understand the needs of their userbase in order to develop a usable tool.


@lucasmmarino If we can synchronize contacts, i also would love if we can synchronize media files as well, maybe an MP3 player which fetches songs and meta deta from anytype and streams them :smiley:

if we can get a gallery view, then we can also replace google photos with anytype :grin:


@lynxlove Indeed!

I would love to have a plugin where once we embed video or youtube link, we can easily create timestamp link and take notes there itself.

This will be game changer. Notes will be more accessible and we could easily go through what is needed at the moment rather than watch the video again.


I want Bible verse references to be linkified with a popup like that of BLB Android.

I would love to help with the media thing.

Syncing contacts, calendar and tasks via DAV and integrate them in Anytype would be so great.

Some use cases:

  • Making notes for people in your contacts, like a personal CRM.
  • Syncing tasks with native phone app for tasks. Allowing much better To-Do lists and notes in Anytype.

(Using Anytype only for tasks would also work but maybe stop me from using voice assistant to create them on the go.)

  • Calendar and Tasks to show me my tasks directly inside my calendar.

Here are some API use cases from my perspective:

  • Add content from third-party systems, e.g. Google Documents, Google Tasks, Assistant, email, webhook, Android Tasker, etc.
  • Custom export (and import) scripts, for example to export sets as .csv or import from custom data sources.
  • Send notifications if a document was changed or added, for example you add a new work item and you would like to inform other team members.

I hope this helps.


@Narvey You cannot interact with the Anytype file format at present. Presumably this will be open along with the rest of the code in the future. In fact it will likely be a phased availability of some parts of Anytype (e.g. SDK/API, or file format), before full open source, as far as I understand. This is all planned for the future, but with no specific release date. So many things will be possible then though!


Notion has something like embedding a URL inside a page which was used to [embed widgets](https://apption.co/) as well. I’m not sure that this needs to be a native feature of anytype but probably a plugin with steps on how to create an embedded widget sounds like a great use case to me since the Notion Embeddable widgets are more like a hack than an actual feature


@Oshyan I know, it will open up all kinds of fun, and I can hardly wait!

Just ran into this and would love to implement something like it for AnyType: https://neuracache.com/

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Flowcharts and other graphs supported by Mermaid syntax would make a great plugin: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1607


Suggestion: API/webscraper to populate objects. Idea is kind of general, so I’m assuming it was already suggested, but it came from me creating my first object, a movie.

I created an object for the movie “the matrix” and the object had text areas for several things such as cover, starring, directed by and synopsis. It would be nice if, when adding the title of an object “movie” it provides a dropdown of movie titles pulled from IMDB (or similar site) and when selected, populates fields in the object itself. The items scraped do not nessisarly need to also be converted into objects, but if we could then highlight them (example highlight Keanu Reeves) we could quickly select and link to an existing object or create a new object type with that name (I will add that into another suggestion post)

My thought is, a webscraper backend could be built, but then it can be powered by a set of instructions, depending on object type. for example: a new contact could (in theory) have a contextual dropdown to scrape the data from a facebook or linked in profile, pulling in profile picture, date of birth, name, etc… from that page. the scraper instructions would be used to pull the specific data from the page (HTML elements), and to add that info into the object. (markdown elements)

Users would be able to create their own webscraper instructions.

Just a suggestion!