Maps locations as relation type + showing them in a map

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As I have transferred some of my contacts and stuff to anytype, I got the Idea of a new relation type which would be something like “location”, that would contain for example the address of a person, surely you could also make it so that the relation type accepts coordinates too. This could be very nice, since you could then make something like a map view, where you would be able to see all your contacts and locations on a map using OpenStreetMap for example. I could also image a Filter where you can filter all the icons on the map by type, so that only humans or only businesses are visible, as an example. I think, this could be a very powerful feature. hope it makes sense!

Also i know this is similar to locate objects on a map view, but i think point coordinates only are very impractical for addresses of persons for example.


Great idea! I can imagine that longitude and latitude can be one or two relations and that Map view is one of the Set view options in which all Objects with long and lat defined are plotted with icon based on the filters for that view.

A location type for relations is literally my dream hahaha

I would love this too!

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I’m going to try another application to replace Evernote, which offers this and it’s great!

It’s tagspaces : Digital maps and geotagging in TagSpaces Pro | TagSpaces.