Anytype as an Android sync provider

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I would like to keep my college timetable and other appointments in Anytype. However,

For the second one, I’m very excited that Anytype will support databases with (i) people and (ii) date relations. However, these will not be as useful as they could be if they are sequestered in the Anytype app.

Describe the solution you’d like

As part of this feature, objects in Anytype sets would show up in the phone’s contact list or calendar, as appropriate.

A user could choose various sets to show up as calendars or contact groups, and possibly the mapping between relations and vcard/icalendar properties.

Possibly, the user could even edit the sets using a contacts or calendar app.

Additional context

The best example of a sync provider is probably [DAVx5](, which syncs with a CalDAV/CardDAV server (I’ve tried hosting one and it works, but Anytype is far more accessible and doesn’t require maintenance)


This would be great, especially once we can have calendars and maybe contacts in Anytype!


It looks very interesting!

We’ll go deeper into the research and come back with details.


My business is currently looking into professional indemnity insurance for cyber and data risk. Being able to say that our contacts data are never stored on 3rd party servers would probably reduce our premium.

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Being able to sync a specific Set with a CalDav calendar would be AWESOME! :slight_smile:


I like this idea as well. Would be great to store my contacts in one place where I also can link them to other objects.
I think this is broader than just Android. If anytype would act as a server, it will be available to all platforms/apps that support CalDAV/CardDAV.

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