A diagram or flowchart type, in addition to the current "pages", ”notes” etc


Hello! I am adding this feature request now but I know that stabilizing the beta version is the priority now. I am hoping this or something similar to this gets picked up as soon as possible, for people like me who mainly like to work with diagrams flow charts and drawings.

I suggest another layout or default type option called diagram, flow chart or mind map be added, in addition to the current note, pages, profile etc . In that layout, we can make diagrams where every ”node” of the diagram are blocks. (node being media, text or embedded link or a to another object, or a handwriting block).

This way, if “everything is a block” type ideas , where blocks can have all the functionality of a object without having to be turned into an object, can be implemented, then we can connect the relevant part (block) of our diagram, to any other object or block or node in another object, through relations. And, this maybe will be easier to show in the graph view.


By treating the blocks as objects. This is my best guess

Maybe the graph view for a diagram object, with a few nodes and relations, could look like this:

  • The larger blue circles are the objects. Here, calcium metabolism and parathyroid gland.
  • The faded green circles are nodes (blocks) in the object.
  • The darker green circles, connected by an arrow, are the nodes inside the objects that are connected by a relation. Here, node in the calcium metabolism is: regulated by PTH (parathyroid hormone). While, the the node in parathyroid gland is: function of chief cells. The relation is: secreted by.
    Maybe, hovering over or right clicking the object, can open an option to either see the preview of the whole object or open the object (directly or in a second window).

This is just a suggestion. :flushed:


Here are some links from this forum.


As above :sweat_smile: . Edit : The canvas in Obsidian is pretty good as a n inspiration, in my opinion. We can add a card, or an existing note to the canvas. When the cards become as important as a note, we can turn it into a note, may be like a relation could be turned into an object. Cards only exist in the canvas, while the notes also exist in the graph view. The linking lines can have names, like how we name our relations in Anytype. Also can make link to a particular block of a note. We ca also add media of almost all kinds.


In my mind, if everything is an abject, then everything should have have the capabilities of an object. I mean I should not have to turn a block into a new object to make make links to it. :sweat_smile:. I hope I am making sense. English is not my first language. Really excited to tryout the beta.

Hope the team is taking care of themselves through this exciting and busy times. Thanks.



Integration of drawio?

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Integrations are good options. But in order for relations to nodes in my diagrams to show up in in Anytype’s graph view, I think we might need some sort of native option.
Or am I understanding this wrong? :sweat_smile:


sorry, I misunderstood.
Having already wanted to put diagrams on Notion (but just integration, so drawio was fine), I read a little too quickly :sweat_smile:


Thanks so much for the response. I am glad we are having similarly thoughts. If this feature can be implemented, than, I think, it would help a lot with many aspects of life.
Have a good day. :blush:

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Am I understanding this correctly: It’s a Layout/Page that’s basically a Whiteboard with inline and editable ‘previews’ for objects that you can Relate and draw upon? :grinning: Sounds like a way to execute New Type of Pages - Whiteboard/Canvas but more advanced. It could show relations within the object/page/block, therefore making it possible to create a graph within a graph.

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Yes. That is what I was thinking. I think apps like Scrintal can, in one way or another, do this kind of thing. In this way, we get the main connections in the graph view, while being able to deep dive on the individual topics as we open an object in diagram type page &/ layout. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wrote something similar here!

I have a different method of implementation that would be easier and keep the original Anytype structure in place. This would also be a faster rollout as a result I would assume.

I do think this feature is important and is the very root of note taking and organization of such. Visuals are key in understanding and bringing together ideas. This could really help set Anytype up to hit on a greater target of note takers and have a catering to them all in a unique way.

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