Internal Links in Documents like in markdown


Would be very helpful to get a solution to link from one part (title/text/block/object) to an other part in text like in markdown.


There is a working solution (model to take over or lean on) in markdown.
See html - Cross-reference (named anchor) in markdown - Stack Overflow

Would be great to get a solution to set an anchor-target like in markdown

<a name="pookie"></a> 

OR in ShortCode


And a link-to-soltution like in markdown

Take me to [pookie](#pookie)

to link to this anchor.

I guess, because of the working markdown-solution the solution for ShortCode would be “relatively” UN-complex and not a lot of brain- and code-work. Because for the backup-solution (export to markdown) all would be work if anytype is use of the working markdown notation.


With this solution in the possiblilities in anytype would be explode.
It would be easy to make working simple models from websites and their behavior.
But it also would be possible to make easy Jump-Marks in text/title to deeper descriptions or footnotes or other parts in the same document where this part is more accurate written. Or to the part with all pictures.
With this solution, it would drill out anytype also to a lot of new stuff. Maybe some Simple-Mindmap-solution, more flexible a arrangements of Code / Image / Description / Footnoes / or partial-TOC (table of Content) for a particular part of the content…

And it would fill a gap/lack of the current search-engine in anytype. Because today it is almost impossible to find partial-word stuff. See Links under ADDITIONAL CONTEXT


I was looking for a work-around under How to create internal Links in Documents like anchor in html?. But I can NOT find anyone. And also a few community-users does NOT have a working solution for this need.


See under:



Hi @_Martin, thanks for the feature request. You might be interest in this topic too: Add an option to link blocks from other pages (also with transclusion)

Hi @kerbless, thank you for your recommendation.
Sounds also interesting as a «better» linking-solution for page-cross solution.

Maybe to expand also my feature-request. Maybe it would be possible to link to a anchor in a page


Also from Outside of the current page: Like in HTML

Take me to an anchor in the same document/page [pookie](#pookie)


Take me to an anchor in an other document/page [pookie](PageIdHash#pookie)

But this would be demand a change in the Editor-UI I guess. Because the PageIdHash IMHO is not easy to figureOut for ordinary anytype-users like me to use in ShortCode.

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