Make ALL fields objects. Allow me to place tags, or references to other objects anywhere I type


I searched through the list and didn’t see this FR which surprises me. I want to be able to place an inline tag or reference to any other objects where ever I am. Tana and Logseq both implement this. Its fundamental. What good is ANY data if we cannot quickly retrieve it specifically? right?

Here is a video showing how Logseq and Tana implement this so you know what Im referencing because I may not be using the technical language to describe this right.


define all fields of any kind to be objects that can be link to and away from.


Any note I type has meaning to me. I want to reference that meaning whenever I want to in order to retrieve it later.

Any kind of research.

Any kind of reflections may link out to other concepts or research.


Right now Im not using any text field where I may need to reference an object. Im making everything an object field. In many cases though that like swatting a fly with a sledge hammer. Creating inline tags or references fixes this.


Some other post are similar but not referencing how other products are doing it. Over 35 years of being in hi tech its often frustrating for people to try and reinvent the wheel only to figure out later they should have done what everyone else seems to be doing. (Tana, Logseq, ROAM, who have been doing this longer, so please leverage that knowledge) Obviously you also need your own identity but take the ideas to heart and don’t reinvent unless its superior. (Hint: test it with users before you give a thumbs up) Thanks for listening!


absolutely agree


The current Anytype behavior is more akin to how Notion does it. If you want to link objects, you can use the object relation type. The text relation types is just for text, number type for numbers, e-mail for e-mails etc.
It would definitely be nice if it could be integrated more somehow, but there would need to be some changes.
edit: Also, it seems like Tana seems to treat blocks more as objects too, and Anytype doesn’t have that option yet. I guess stuff like this could be implemented if blocks as objects were implemented first. There’s no way to tag a block currently, for instance.


We are thinking about this approach for a while. I think it will be implemented in some way this year but for now block are just blocks and we do not treat them as objects. You can convert blocks into objects with the turn into object action.


Maybe I’m missing something, but Anytype already allows what you are requesting. You can embed Objects by using “@” instead of “#” and you can use Objects as Relations fields instead of just plain text.




@ only links an object to that block, it doesn’t embed it.
What the OP is technically asking is to be able to use @ in the relations themselves. Specifically the text relation one in the image above.

And then somewhat related is the concept of using relations on just the blocks instead of the whole object. You can’t tag a block right now. If you used any tag relation, it would tag the whole object, not just the block.
If you were able to tag just the block, then you could, for instance, create a set to return all blocks with the tag #quote or you could even have block types and be able to return all callout blocks, for instance.


My use case:

I’ve create plenty of Code Blocks which I would give a specific TAG e.g. ProjectX
Then I would like to find out (with Search or/and Sets) all ProjectX Code Blocks.

This is very well implemented in Obsidian (the Search functionality)

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Does Obsidian have inline tags? Otherwise, I don’t really see how you could consider it well implemented in Obsidian. The last time I checked tags tagged the whole page in Obsidian.

it has!

Obsidian does indeed have inline tags, but those still tag the whole page.
It’s a bit confusing since Obsidian doesn’t use blocks. In a app like Tana you could tag only the code block itself on the block level so that only the code blocks show up in search or better yet, in a query.


Tana approach sounds like a best solution than :slight_smile:


Hello! I would also like say that I could really use this feature. My main addition to the request would be to make these relations visible in the graph view.
Having said that, I have 2 use cases for this.

1 is keeping track of reference material while writing a article or making a presentation.

Lets says I have a few video lecture, a few pdfs and Images as reference for writing a article. They are all in anytype.
Every paragraphs (blocks) of my article references a different source material. I write some of the article and come back later to continue writing.
I need to understand which paragraph references which source material to make my work easier and also for citation purposes.
So It would be very helpful If I could connect each paragraph (block or even line in a object) to the related resource. Only connecting the whole article to all the reference materials is not fully helpful.

2nd use case is just connecting thoughts. I TRY :sweat_smile: to write down my thoughts regularly. One of the thoughts(block) in one day may be connected to or may be continued in another thought (block) in another day. So in this case, I need to connect a block in one object to a block in another object. And it would really help to have these connections visualized in the graph view.

So. the gist is that, I would be very grateful for a block to block, block to object and object to block linking option that can be visualized in the graph view.

My reference is, obsidian. There I can link a note to another note, or a heading inside said note or a block of text inside the note.
I am wondering if any of this has become possible in the new pre- beta. Very excited about the prospects though.
Have a good day. Thanks.

Would love for blocks to be objects :slight_smile: I’m working on very long notes and would like to add tags to specific blocks!