Wanted: Your Ideas for Multispaces & Multiplayer!

Hello dear community!

TLDR: Sign up here for a video chat to tell us how you’d like to see multi-space & multiplayer implemented!

As we barrel towards the release of multi-space and multiplayer, we’re looking for a few Anytype enthusiasts to help us make the rollout of these features awesome and functional. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas regarding how you’d expect to implement multi-space and/or multiplayer into your current workflows, and what features are still missing for you to switch over from your current tools.

We’d love to speak with you if:

  • Use Anytype at least 1x/week to manage your knowledge, workflows, or projects

  • Have been eagerly awaiting multi-space and/or multiplayer functionality with a clear use case in mind. Whether working with colleagues or clients, family members or teammates, we want to know how Anytype will fit into your life!

During the call, we’ll ask:

  • To see your current Anytype setup

  • How you’ll use Anytype differently (or not) once multi-spaces/multiplayer is introduced

  • Which tools you currently use for shared knowledge & project management - and how you currently use them

Your feedback will be strongly influential in deciding which features, use cases, and functionalities are prioritised as we develop these long-awaited milestones.

:point_right: Sign up here :point_left:


Well… I have been working around this feature (using an electron/chrome command line parameter that allows multiple instances running at the same time), but to me, only one special request:

  • Be able to launch anytype into a specific space through command line/desktop launcher

Usecase: having Anytype running in the background, and be able to open a new window to space work … later on, able to open a new window to space personal, all through desktop shortcuts.

I can signup for a call if wanted, but I am not a native english speaker (I am Portuguese).
Though, I have found out Anytype for a week or so, so there probably are much better people with much more experience for you to listen. I have been testing Anytype for hours every day though.

Background: I come from using Logseq and Obsidian.

My use case is also probably completely unique, as I use Linux with KDE Activities, so probably not a good “user sample”.

Thank you for Anytype, so far, have been really enjoying it!


done… looking forward to give some input :slight_smile:


I use Linux with GNOME, so you’re maybe not so uncommon as your think. And having multiple spaces open side-by-side would definitely aid me, too, though I haven’t been quite so motivated as go after Electron CLI arguments.


Oh boy … I can barely state how excited I am for Multiplayer. I love how well Anytype already works but so far it’s not much use to me, because I almost exclusively work in teams (smallest team size is 2 - my wife and I - for life organisation stuff).

Key capabilities for me are:

  • The ability to work offline and then reconciliate / conflict resolve if necessary
  • Having multiple users edit the same page (not necessarily the same block) simultaneously (similar to Google Docs)
  • For use in a company environment: the ability to determine access and edit rights on a per-user (and user group) basis

Looking forward to this very much indeed. Thanks for all the effort you are putting in!


Hi @Charlotte

I’m heavily waiting MS and MP functionnality.
And I’m using multiple spaces in others tools.
And I’m using AT for few month…
… but not really for manage anything for now except testing purpose (heavily waiting some functionnality for these).
And 45mn of English chatting would be an ordeal for me.

But pehaps we can share how we’ll use AT once MS/MP is introduced and how we use other tools as a message or text discussion? Can we post here (as a long reply for me ^^) or send it to someone?


Hi @Shampra! Absolutely would be interested to hear your thoughts on:

  1. How you plan to use anytype once these functionalities are introduced
  2. Besides multi-space/multiplayer, which functionalities are missing from Anytype that would prevent you from switching?
  3. Which other tools are you using (that currently offer multi-space/multi-player), and how have you set them up to suit the needs of your team/group?

Cheers! :sunflower:

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I won’t be able to do an interview either, but I’ll throw in:

We need some way to “branch” an object, so that different people could work on separate versions of the same object, and each be able to see and easily compare theirs with other people’s. Of course this could be accomplished by manually creating collections, but that quickly adds up too much when you have more than a handful of objects. Object reference relations from one branch of one object should be able to link to any branch of other objects.

We need this ability in order to brainstorm and sketch out plans (which would result in an explosion of objects and their branches) and then reach agreement on final plans (by merging branches of objects back into single objects). We need to be able to compare and contrast each others’ ideas, reaching agreement on some objects, and then gradually expanding our agreement to other objects as we tinker.

Not that branching is necessarily the only tool that could give us this ability, but it’s the one that occurs to me.


Thanks @Charlotte , I’ll post here a complete (and long :sweat_smile: answer).

Not enough at ease orally but if an exchange via chat can be useful, it will be with pleasure

Multi-space and Multiplayer (question 1 & 3)

Multi-space usercase

  • Personal space

    • for me and only me, with my wiki, notes, etc
    • Currently on Evernote (quick note and Wiki) and Notion ( projects, database)
    • It’s my default space, but I need to move quickly on other spaces : I need to be able to link to other spaces (favorites them in the side bar).
  • Family space

    • Shared with family : shared data about… games (RPG,…), House, Vacancy, Gift, homework :sweat_smile:,…
    • On Notion : in fact it’s a part of a personal space of another person : it’s work well because Notion clearly move all shared objet in a specific category into the side menu
  • Job space

    • Data for my job and with some pages shared publicly (web, read only)
  • Test space

    • Just for anytype I need it for test purpose (one or more space, I’ve 2 tests account actually ^^)

What I need for multi-space:

  • be able to switch space quickly (in Evernote, as simple as Files Menu → click the other account; in Notion, direcly select it in a specific menu in the top)
    • Usercase (one of…) : My family tell me about something in our space : I’ll have a quick look and then come back to what I was doing on my personal space. Quick is the key word!
    • The “Go back” button must be able to go back in another space
  • be able to have multiple space open simultaneously (Notion allows it, via tabs or windows).
    • Usercase (one of…) : I’ll try things in the “test” space and take note simultaneously in my personal space
  • be able to link object from a space into another space (I think we can do many great things with widgets!)
    • Usercase : in family space, I have pages I often access. I have them in a favorites menu in the sidebar of my personal space
    • Clicking to this link must switch quickly and smoothly to this object (a longer load time is prohibitive)
  • be able to move or copy objets between spaces
    • Usercase : I have my own page about… garden or anything else. And today, I propose to share it in the family space. I duplicate or move it in this other space and Done!
  • be able to search in all spaces but… search in Anytype needs to improve a lot before thinking about that.
    • My “life” is in multi-space and many thing can be in one or another space but where?
    • → Search tools → search and check “search on all space” → Done, I’ll find it wherever it is

In brief, navigation between space must be as smooth as possible (no waiting time, no code to type, interaction between space, etc).

What I need for Multiplayer :

  • Be able to share objects in a space for casual multiplayer

    • For AT : share an object and all object link from this object (collection and all objetc in it, page and all object link in it,…)
      • Usercase : I’ve a tabletop RPG base in my space, I need to share only the “Store” page, not all the other hidden data
    • A great option will be to share a complete space
      • Usercase : for family and work team
      • AT usercase : why not a shared space for beta-testing things, reproduce and share bugs, etc?
  • Be able to share a complete space

    • Useful for specific use as a team space (job, family)
  • Right per user (globally for a shared space or at object level), classic R/RW/Admin rights

    • Be able to clearly view rights at objects level, a view (list with [object | rights]) would be very useful (but not in my current usercase)
  • Be able to clearly see what is shared

    • Suggestion : add a relation “Shared”, searchable and with a widget “Shared objects”
  • Be able to do specific view for everybody on collections/sets and specific view for myself

    • Usercase : a database of project for work, I’ll have a view to manage it; and a view more “pretty” with just the useful info for those whith just read access
  • Be able to see live editing of other person and see when a person is in my current page.

  • If web share (view only) is in Multiplayer category, I need it

    • Share with a simple web link
    • Access without login and with a simple web browser
    • Be able to clearly see what is shared
    • All things about domain, styling, analytics is not my usercase (except pehaps domain : for my Notion space for my job, I use a clean name under the notion domain)
  • With multiplayer, if someone share apart of its space with me, these part can appear on my own personal space (like Evernote do) or give me access to its space with only what is shared (like notion do). Determining the best choice requires careful thought For the second option, be able to create “personnal favorites” in this space can be useful

    • Usercase : a member of my family shared many thing with me in his space. I access it by switching to it.
      • I have favorites in the sidebar, to find easily the most current object .
      • I’ve favorites too in my own space to the most important objects.

Question 2- Missing functionnalities

I’ll make it short, the point is raised quite a bit on the forum :sweat_smile:. I’ll keep only essential functionnality, other features will be important for the “user-friendly/pleasant” and the “potential” side of things.

Migrate from Evernote

  • Better tag management (including quick access to them with a widget)
  • Import of files and tags : I’ve developed a migration tool but Anytype cannot import files (including image) actually. Without that, and without tag imported (an issue has opened too), Evernote users can’t migrate. The rest is already correctly imported, and I’ll be delighted to finish the development when these two points are working. PS: an update on the progress of Tables v2 would also be very useful to limit lost of data when migrate from Evernote…
  • Fully sync garanty (move away with my phone with the assurance that everything is in sync and available offline!)

Migrate from Notion (excluding Multi-space and Multiplayer, indispensable)

  • Formulas (powerful enough to replace Notion)
  • Bi-directionnal link (“Links from” and “Links to” as relation)
  • Share with web link (essential for job space)
  • On view : “group by” at least (better filter and more display option are very welcome)
  • Column aggregation and rollups less indispensable but I’ll loose some data/visual information if not existing in AT
  • Not indispensable… but I’m afraid of migrating a large mass of data with a lot of databases without a support of collection-specific relations (or how to end up with a gigantic mess in 5 minutes)

Plugin can be a game changer : I’m ready to develop (almost) everything I’ll miss.
After Evernote to Anytype Converter developement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One use case that I have in mind is for sharing a space with my family. I like my current setup now, using only one space to organize everything, so expanding to multi-spaces will be for sharing editable views and not for segregating content.

My idea is to copy (or cross-link?) a portion of my main space into a new one, but I’d like the objects to sync back to my main space while allowing it to grow and build its own relations in the new space. So maybe an option to cross-sync relations?


  • A family tree/graph where I can share the whole collection/set or selectively hide some ‘branches’ (members/objects). Bonus points if I can choose updates to sync back to my main space (the source) or leave it to evolve on its own.
    • I’m currently using the website Family Echo. There’s no multi-player here, I just share account access, but the way it works remind me of graph view because you can toggle to view/hide some details. The selected family member (object) becomes the center of the tree, hiding distant relatives of that person. In Anytype, it could be an access settings on a space or an object level, with a number limit option for relations or an option to hide objects. (To hide non-relatives and other sensitive info)
  • A pet database
    • Currently in Notion

Important features:

  • Edit History
  • Viewing History/recent access/edits

Another use case is to build learning materials and galleries that I can share with a select number of people. The members will have viewing access to the whole space, but the editing access is limited to some objects or blocks where interactions are necessary.


  • A “bonus page” (space) that I can monitor access and link to people who bought products from me. (May contain guides, downloadables, and other resources.) Like a private group where people can leave comments and feedback, and download any files that are relevant to them. (by enabling/disabling an object for each member)

Other features that would be appreciated:

  • Analytics
  • Custom handles to remember links easily (assuming it goes with web client)
  • Comments block + threaded comments
  • Notifications
  • A way to provide navigation to visitors without adding the same object on every page

I can’t do the interview, but I’m willing to elaborate via comments or messages if you have questions regarding my ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:


A feature I like from the Google apps especially Google docs is that multiple persons editing the same document at the same time will show an indicator for live position of an edit carried out by someone.


Nice! That would be a nice touch. kinda like Facebook Green Dot to show who is online. yes! This makes it more like a social media place. I like that. it drives the interest in AnyType as a community that is alive and living.

Multi-space & Multiplayer = Social Media.


Another idea is the ability to communicate between a personal space and a collaboration space.

For example, I have a file that I am working on in my personal space and I want it to be shared with my colleagues, then there would be a feature that allows such file/note to move from the personal to the collaboration space and vice verse.


One use case is: when publish to web feature goes public…

  • then you would be able to have your personal space - like private working space… and, when note is finished, you could publish it to web by placing it to (or better sharing it with) another space - public-web space.

I was using Logseq for that purpose… but there was no posibility of sharing notes between different graphs… which is making lots of frictions.

  • it would also be very nice to have possibility of making private comment on published web page… which would not be visible on published version.

What is the difference between multiplayer and multispace, if there is any?


Multiplayer = Collaboration between multiple persons/accounts on same space (data)

Multispace = Multiple spaces on the same account to separate content as per your needs, it’s similar to separate folders


The first thing I come up with is private mode, which means users can lock a space to make the contents unvisible.

Sometimes AnyType is used not only for personal purpose. Users may use it as a show board, which will expose many contents by accident.

I wonder whether users can link objects across spaces.

  • If the answer is yes, this would be very useful. Imagine that I link some private but necessary objects (nested in a private space) in a workbook (nested in a public space), when the private space is locked, the private link in the public object will show like a fuzzy block (the same in graph view). And if I unlock the private space, all private objects contents will be visible.

  • If the answer is no, of course it’d be also great that users can lock a space.


Cross-linking between spaces is possible. It was demonstrated by Charlotte in the last town hall. I just don’t know how private objects will appear once multi-players are involved.


I think my biggest want for multi(player) spaces is the ability to share or dedicate part of storage from my main space/account to another space.

If I recall correctly storage is linked to a space, not my “account”. If that is correct, I would love to be able to dedicate or share part of my storage to a multiplayer space that I manage.

For example, I have a personal space which has 10GB of storage. Now I make a multiplayer space to share with friends/family. Then I could dedicate 2 of the 10 GB from my personal space to this multiplayer space. Leaving 8GB for my personal space.

Another example could be having multiple personal spaces. Say I make a personal hobby space that is image heavy. Now I would like to dedicate 4 of my 10 GB of storage to that space. Leaving 6GB for my personal space.