📊 Community Poll: Have You Tried Multi-Spaces Yet?

Seasons Greetings Community :snowflake:

We are interested in your thoughts about Multi-spaces, and how you find the experience of using them!

Choose one of the below options, and kindly elaborate on your choice in the comments. If your answer is not present, please articulate it.

Whether you love them, or not so much, let us know your reasons! Your feedback is vital for us to enhance this feature.

Are You Using Multi-Spaces?
  • Yes, and they work as expected :smiley:
  • Yes I’m using them, but they could be better :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
  • No, because they don’t work how I hoped :frowning_face:
  • Nah, I don’t need Multi-Spaces :yawning_face:
  • I haven’t tried yet :dotted_line_face:
  • I can’t figure them out :face_with_peeking_eye:
  • What are these Multi-Spaces you speak of? :face_with_monocle:
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Thank you everyone! :star2:

I hoped I could share the space with another person or that another person could “log into” that space.

I think everything works as intended as far as I have seen from my little time checking the feature out. But as long as I can only use it myself I don’t have a benefit from having another space.

My intention for using Anytype is that I can have everything I need in one space.

It’s just probably not for my use case.


It is exactly the same for me. Everything works as intended. The only missing feature for comfortable working with multi-spaces for me is linking objects between spaces and easy transfer of objects between spaces, both of which are planned to be implemented in the future. Nevertheless, I will find a use for spaces only when sharing with other people is implemented.

My intention for using Anytype is that I can have everything I need in one space.

My workflow for organizing everything in my life is the same. I use Anytype as a single large database I query with sets. Unless some of these sets and/or objects can be shared with others, I have no use for multi-spaces.


"Yes but…"

I used them :slightly_smiling_face:. Ok, mainly to better manage my tests :grin:!
It’s… a first step, their use remains limited for now.
What am I wainting for?

UI :

  • pleaaase, Keep order of space in space list!
    Keep order of Space in Spaces list
  • Not sure if space list really need to be so big… but it’s a matter of taste (personnaly I love the minimalist choice list via the right click on the + so…)

Features :

  • Better solution to add an existing Space (better than export/import… especially with currents bugs, I have no confidence ;-))
  • Link objets between space
  • Move/duplicate/copy objects between space (… without export)
  • Share a space, it’s open so many possibility :star_struck: (and all future multiplayers possibility)

And global search, but search really needs to be improved before we think about that.

In reference to my post here : I have my test space and personal space, with some difficulties due to the lack of interaction between each.


Switching spaces is working great and fast but to be fully functional I would need the possibility to send objects from a space to another or at least refined export options (like exporting just a set) . The choice to link them would be a plus.

So far I’m using it only for my personal journal and for setup tests.


Firstly, thank you Anytype team for continuing to provide increasing functionality to your product, it is greatly appreciated.
I started to use Spaces quite extensively. I broke apart my original single space into a Primary space, a development/sandbox space where I play with new ideas before implementing them in the Primary space, a documentation space in the form of an eBook on how I’ve used Anytype, and.a couple of subject specific spaces that I hope to share with others once that becomes available. And, like the others, I look forward to being able to move individual or groups of objects, Types and Templates, and Relations (with options) between Spaces.


They are really useful but import/export failed for me for many objects so we really need a feature to send an object to another space, otherwise it’s nearly impossible to split a lot of content to several spaces…


I like them and they work pretty well. Very good implementation.

Missing features:

  • Quick copy/move of objects between spaces
  • Option to link objects between spaces. This could be problematic to implement, but could be helpful. I might want the same information on different projects/notebooks etc, but not want to duplicate the content.
  • Sharing spaces would be essential for anyone working in teams (that’s not me right now, but would have been/might be in future)

I’ve tried them and don’t quite understand how to use them, almost all things can be scattered on different pages and used and organised without them (just pages with links and some inline function). Unfortunately I haven’t found it convenient and expedient to use spaces yet.

Yes I use them. I’m actually pretty happy with them. It is a further tool for organisation, and one that I feel like I was missing. I like to have completely separate spaces for separate projects, it just feels tidier to me.
As others have mentioned, copying and linking between spaces is the biggest limiting factor right now. Having to export the master space and then reimport it to cut away everything that shouldn’t be in that particular space was painful to do 4 times.
In fact, transferring things of all types, objects, sets, relations, templates from one space to another would be much appreciated.
And yes, please do keep the order of spaces fixed (or have the option to fix it), since muscle memory would allow for much quicker clicking on the right space I want to use instead of having to deal with shifting space icons all the time.
If a tab feature is ever to be implemented, it would be amazing if we could have different spaces in different tabs (but also the same space in different tabs!).
Apart form that, I love the speed of switching between spaces. Thanks so much for this implementation thus far!


Please vote here if not already done :wink:

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Yes, I began using separate spacer: one for dayli use and another one as archives, where I store objects that I don’t want to delete completely but are no longer useful to me. Unfortunately, process of moving objects from one space to another was a bit tideous. I had to export all the objects I wanted to move and then import them again. It would be nice if there was an option somewhere to move selected objects to another space by one click :sweat_smile:

Other than that, I thought about creating a shared space for me and my friend but I decided to wait with that idea for a bit, as that would give both of us access to every space the other one created, not only the “common space”. It would be nice if you could just create a separate space and then share it between users, so we could have our private spaces as well as collaborative ones.


Right click a space → Delete → Delete

That’s all it needs to lose a whole space with tons of objects in it irreversibly.

Some kind of a confirmation using the recovery phrase or even re-typing the space name would be much more protecting.

EDIT: Or even a deletion timer (not deleted until X date).


I’m only using Spaces to create a test one, as I’m waiting for the multiplayer to really make use of it.


Muti-Spaces is not only a feature, it’ll probably change the way for user to organize the notes and objects. We did breakdown all the information into “elements” level, which means god knows when and where we gonna use it. In this case, Multi-Spaces can only become a limit or burden to the information we noted, and Multi-Space concept is more like a filter only. But since you guys come up with an idea of Multi-spaces, I believe there must be a reason, or at least a specific scenario to make it functional.

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I have tried multi-spaces, but it does not appear to support my use case.

I would like to have a separate space I could access on my work computer, that does not have access to my personal space. But then on my personal computer I would like access to both my work space and personal space.

At the moment I believe my only alternative is to create a separate account for work. Then whenever I have a need to access that personally I could log into that account to pull out my data.


I am finding it a little tedious removing all the unnecessary Types and Relations from the library for each space. It would be much better if we could create a new space without any types and relations - especially things like camera aperture or director which are completely useless for many people.