Keep order of Space in Spaces list

List of space is ordered by last opened, from my tests.

Here, if I open “Untitled” its icon become the first in the list.

It’s not the good choice in my opinion (and in my case).

I use space on Notion, I change them frequently; I know their location in the list, so changing them has become a reflex. Now, I have to search for the space I want in the list. With different images, it might be simpler, but I’ll still have to look for it instead of clicking without looking “because it’s always there.”

Just a note on the design, it’s personal but I think a more refined presentation would be more pleasing. I believe that the default icons contribute to the impression of taking up half of my screen for just three “buttons” :grin:.

PS : good things are not in Bug report nor in FR so I don’t post them. But… just to say, the change of space is quick and smooth, it’s great!


+1 to the order of the spaces

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moved out of the nightly zone :slight_smile: