Use the keyboard to collapse a toggle block

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It’s a personal preference how you use your keyboard to interact with software (that’s why I like the Customizable keyboard shortcuts feature request). To outline the current behavior for toggle blocks as tested on Anytype for Windows 0.24.0.

  • To make a new toggle use ">" + space, then a name OR use toggle in the / (slash) menu
  • Create another toggle after creating a toggle, use enter
  • To make a toggle with a multiline name, use shift + enter
  • To type inside the toggle, expand the toggle with right arrow, then enter to move the cursor inside the toggle
  • To nest a toggle inside the toggle above, use tab
  • To unnest a toggle from its parent toggle, use shift + tab

What I am missing is a way to use the keyboard to collapse a toggle.

Describe the solution you’d like
I would prefer to have the toggle collapse if you press left arrow at the start of the toggle name. If you start in a block that is inside a toggle, you then use the left arrow to go to the beginning of that block. After reaching the beginning of that block you move to the end of the toggle name. After using the left arrow some more, you end up at the beginning of the toggle name. If you then use the left arrow once more, the toggle collapses. Does that behavior also make sense to you?
Describe alternatives you’ve considered
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Additional context
None atm.

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