Ability to have multiple lines of text inside a Toggle block

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When creating a Toggle block its difficult for it to be multple lines of text as pressing Enter just creates another one.

Describe the solution you’d like

One possible solution would be using ctrl + enter to create a new line without creating a new block down.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Currently it is possible to have a toggle block with multiple lines writting the text on a code block and pasting it as plain text. So only implementing a easier way of writting it is necessary.

Additional context

Here is an example of the expected result I created by pasting the text on the markdown snippet into the toggle text:


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Yep, Pressing Enter after typing the toggle name… I creates another toggle. Instead It should open toggle view to maintain typing flow.

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@Sedulous Yeah, it shouldn’t create another toggle, just a regular text block. Then you can move the block in or out of the togle pressing tab.

This could maybe be another feature request.

@Sedulous Shift + Enter should create a new toggle instead of Enter.

@Srinath Yeah that would work too.

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On the other hand, I think that the way Anytype currently proceeds is more way more logical than what we find on Notion.so

Here’s why, if you want to expand your Toggle you just have to press Tab ⭾ while if you want to continue to create a list of Toggles it will require you to do a lot more manipulation!

It’s a personal preference how you use your keyboard to interact with software (that’s why I like the Customizable keyboard shortcuts feature request). To outline the current behavior as tested on Anytype for Windows 0.24.0.

  • To make a new toggle use ">" + space, then a name OR use toggle in the / (slash) menu
  • Create another toggle after creating a toggle, use enter
  • To make a toggle with a multiline name, use shift + enter
  • To type inside the toggle, expand the toggle with right arrow, then enter to move the cursor inside the toggle
  • To nest a toggle inside the toggle above, use tab
  • To unnest a toggle from its parent toggle, use shift + tab

What I am missing is a way to use the keyboard to collapse a toggle: Use the keyboard to collapse a toggle block - Feature Requests - Anytype Community

@Nac110 I think that using shift + enter should solve your request. Could you check and confirm?