Customizable keyboard shortcuts

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While it’s great that Anytype has an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts, they are not going to be ideal or intuitive for everyone. Some may overlap with system-wide shortcuts that people have, or they may simply differ from what a user is used to and perhaps uses daily in other apps. So it would be ideal if they could be customized.

Describe the solution you’d like

Keyboard shortcuts should ideally be fully customizable. The user would be able to pick any function in Anytype that has an associated keyboard shortcut and define a different shortcut for that function, in an intuitive way such as directly pressing the intended shortcut keys in an input field.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Maybe if Anytype gets so comprehensive it makes all other apps obsolete, then no need for other shortcuts. :wink:

Additional context

I’m surprised this hasn’t already been requested. Perhaps I missed it…


This! Moreover, there should be options to make keyboard shortcuts for commands that have no specific set commands yet, like alignment.

If this can be extended further, maybe there can be customizable / commands for certain most-used blocks (e.g. making the LaTeX block /x instead of typing /late first before homing in on the needed block).


More fundamentally, it would be great to be able to change the “/” command to a different key. I type “/” in-line a LOT (units, e.g. mL/min) and it’s very disruptive to have to constantly escape the menu when I want to resume typing. I realize that “/” is at this stage engrained for everyone, but having ability to change it for myself to something I type much less frequently (for instance, "") would be killer. It’s a major drawback for me at the moment.


I totally support the customization of shortcuts, both keybinds and slash commands. It would really help with different keyboard / mouse / input setups different users may have. It’s a bit niche, and I think the shortcuts should come prefilled with presets as they are now, but there’s only to gain from letting users customize this.

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These are interesting ideas and, depending on feasibility, I certainly support them. I just want to make note that I believe there is a distinction between a true “hotkey” (pressing some specific combination of keys to invoke some action) and what I’ll call an “in-line context-dependent command”, e.g. slash menu, @ linking, etc. The latter may or may not use a different mechanism than e.g. pressing Ctrl-S to Search. If it’s possible to allow customization of both with ease, that would be incredible, and would be another jump ahead of many other tools (I’m not aware of any tools that yet allow customizing of the / menu command for example). But at the same time because of that fact, that no one else seems to have done it, I question whether it is more challenging to implement. Just something to think about.

IIRC, in Obsidian, both of these would fall under the hotkey term because in Obsidian hotkeys just trigger commands, and you can use commands for pretty much anything. So hopefully, Anytype goes with something similar.


Hah, I’m not surprised Obsidian would be one of the few that does this well. It is highly flexible, plugin-architected to its core. I agree, I hope Anytype can go the same way. :slight_smile:

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Do u guys like the CMD + S as the shortcut to search? I find it annoying - because since I first started working on a computer - CMD + S stood for saving a file - (the save concept has been deleted by modern software though!

Other options to consider:
CMD + Shift + P - would be well appreciated by tech people.
CMD + K - okay - since slack has taught this one - but personally don’t like it since it conflicts with attaching a link commonly.
CMD + F for full search & CMD + Shift + F for in-page search or reverse.
Configurable - best option - serves everyone as mentioned in the thread!

However, an evolving company would not prioritize shortcut configurability project - hence would raise an alarm to FIX this specific CMD + S mistake in alpha stage

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As there is no “save” action in Anytype, I think CMD + S is the most intuitive one. But when customziable shortcuts ware implemented everybody can assign to their own liking. Which makes the most sense in my opinion.

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I appreciate CMD + K being both the default Command Palette/Quick Switcher + Search. Consolidation of functions.

I haven’t used CMD + S since I used Microsoft word so relearning that association feels unnecessary with the super common use of CMD + K.

I noticed on defkey people are downvoting Notion’s use of Ctrl + K to be for "add a link. which may suggest that user behavior is likely leaning towards the expectation that the shortcut launches a quick switcher/search/hub.


Keyboard shortcuts are nice. Diverting from “industry standard” are not that nice though :frowning:

Having search (the command “Find”) on ⌘+F or ctrl+F is one of those muscle memory shortcuts most people know. In VS Code there is a shift+⌘+F to search “globally”.

Hotkeys really need to be configurable

I totally support this and as I said in my first impression (A comprehensive anytype first impression) ctrl+y is a lot more intuitive than ctrl+shift+z for me.


+1 for this