Support search using tags

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The problem is that you cannot search your files using tags in the search box

Describe the solution you’d like
The ability to search and find all files associated with a specific tag or a number of tags just by typing the tags name into the search box.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The alternative is to use a ‘set’ to filter by tags, but this is very cumbersome and slow.


Which also limits it to only one type. So not really an alternative.


Adding my YES PLEASE to this request.

Please allow tags to be part of the global search.
Related - it would be helpful to have tags as a view option in the visual / map view. (Similar to the request here: Show tag relationships between items in graph view)

Basically - outside of “sets” - tags as they currently function are oddly useless.

I posted this in How To (Tags: Viewing options (other than filtering a set)?) and having not gotten any response - I’m assuming I’m not missing something, and tags are not great as they currently exist.

However - is set view the only way to view all objects with a certain tag? Tag’s don’t seem to appear in the “map” view. And I don’t see any way to easily see everything with a specific tag. Am I missing something?

Example use case:
I have a tag, “Christmas”. I apply this tag to a variety of things - recipes, notes, craft ideas (as pages), gift ideas connected to contacts….
But it seems there is no way to view everything tagged with “Christmas” in one place?

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+1 to this request!

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We really want to introduce search by tag values. We will start to work on this soon. Thanks for rising this up :revolving_hearts: