Show tag relationships between items in graph view

Describe the solution you’d like
Items in the graph view should show the tag relationships.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The alternatives I’ve used so far are are to use “Linked Projects” as a way to create arbitrary relationships and force them to show up in the graph view.

Additional context
I’m sure there’s a more nuanced way to frame this request but I’m having a hard time determining which types of relations are supposed to be supported in the graph view. I’m guessing that at some point the intention is to support all types of relations on the graph view, but currently it’s a bit frustrating not know when it will or won’t work.


@GooRusa thanks for sharing this feature request. Would it be OK for you to generalize this request? I think it makes a lot of sense to (eventually) show all Relations in the graph. Maybe with the option to filter which kinds of Relations or Types you want to see to not be overwhelmed :wink: like this FR:

If you agree to generalize this FR, I would suggest to request:
“All Relations to be visible with the options to filter the shown Relations either via a filter panel or by clicking a Relation to only show Relations of that same Type (i.e. hiding all other Relation Types)”