Tags: Viewing options (other than filtering a set)?

New to Anytype and exploring features and uses… there is a lot I really like!

I’m wondering if I’m missing something RE Tags though?
I understand that I can apply tags to objects, and I can filter on these tags in various set views.
However - is set view the only way to view all objects with a certain tag? Tag’s don’t seem to appear in the “map” view. And I don’t see any way to easily see everything with a specific tag. Am I missing something?

Example use case:
I have a tag, “Christmas”. I apply this tag to a variety of things - recipes, notes, craft ideas (as pages), gift ideas connected to contacts…
But it seems there is no way to view everything tagged with “Christmas” in one place?


Hi @LauraH, thanks for posting your question. There are indeed two ways to “browse” Objects:

  1. Sets
  2. Graph

You are right that at this moment it is not possible to filter on or somehow show tags in the Graph view, so you are left with using Sets to make all Objects with a specific tag visible, with the important caveat that Sets are limited to a single Object Type. In your example, there is no way to see all Objects with the “Christmas” tag if you have Objects with multiple Object Types.

See also this topic:

Do we have to start a extra feature request for that? Or could this thread be the request? :smiley:

I did another search and I think it is already requested here:

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