Search palette doesn't return some objects


Some objects do not show up in the search palette, when they do return as search results in graph find and adding object to relation.

I have observed one pattern of object that are un-returned in search. They are ‘uncreated’ objects - where their object type is not defined yet.

However, this reason can’t explain why some other objects do not show up.


  1. Find an existing object
  2. Create a new object at relation which its type allows objects. (Don’t open this object)
  3. Find this new object using search palette ← It can’t be found. :lady_beetle:
  4. Find this new object using graph or relation ← It can be found.


All objects show up properly, regardless of their state.


I am not sure if this bug is a variety of Search palette doesn't show most recent objects. If I try to understand this in the recent objects bug’s logic, then unopened old objects do not return as search results in search palette, as the team tries to fix recent objects showing in recent object list of search palette. :thinking:

I wonder why there are problems with search palette… do they use separate codes? When they are both doing query and calling from the same pool of information (at least that’s similar to adding to relation, if not graph)… ← this might be a silly question from a non-programmer.


  • Device:
    MacBook Air M1
  • OS:
    MacOS Ventura 13.4.1
  • Anytype Version:

Seems like it’s related to this issue? @C.c

Yes… it looks similar.

The scope is beyond task object (your suggested issue) or import object.

As the import object bug suggest, all of these bugs might be related to indexing.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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Bugger! I just spent the last hour writing up a bug report for this since I couldn’t see one already and then I found this ticket! Glad to hear it’s already being resolved. I’ll include what I’d written here in a vague hope that some detail in it might be useful and that I haven’t entirely wasted the last hour :laughing:

Search only includes objects that have been previously viewed on the device

Expected behaviour

When I search for a search term using the search bar all objects in my space will be searched and any that match the search term will be listed in the results below the text input field.

Actual behaviour

The search only includes objects that I have previously opened on the device I’m searching from. For example I have a page titled Hereditas that I created on my phone and have not yet viewed on my computer. When I search for it I on the computer I get no results:
Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 11.33.53
It is defiantly synced to my computer as it is viewable in the graph view and if I use the search button in the top right hand corner it does appear in that list. Including if I search for terms that appear in the body of that page but not the title.

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 11.34.15

However it will will not show up in the search bar no matter how long a wait for in to potentially finish indexing or syncing or something like that, until I actually open it on my computer. And then as soon as I’ve opened it then it shows up in the search bar results
Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 12.10.14

This seems to be the case on both the MacOS client and the iOS client.

Reasons for expecting the expected behaviour

When making a search I think the natural assumption is that the search is global unless otherwise specified. Meaning that the search will examine all items in whatever you’re searching, unless there is some indicator to suggest it’s only searching a subset of those items. If AnyType’s search is not intended to be global then there are a number of places in the UI and documentation that I would expect some such indicator of this fact. However there does not seem to be any such indicators:

  • The search button in the bottom toolbar is a standard magnify glass search icon and when you hover over it you see just the text Search ⌘ + S.
    Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 12.30.59
  • The description for the search shortcut in keyboard shortcut page in the docs is Open the search pane.
  • The Feature List by Platform doco page lists Global search. The inclusion of the word “global” seems to confirm that the search is of all objects and I assume this feature must be referring to the search bar (rather than the search button on the graph) since it’s the most prominently available method of searching objects in AnyType and also because this feature is marked available both on the desktop and mobile clients and since the iOS client does not include the graph (and thus the search button on the graph) the only option for searching objects on this platform is via the search bar.
  • The placeholder text for the empty input field in the search bar is Search for an object....

In none of those places is any indication that the search isn’t looking though all objects in my space, hence why I’d assumed it would be.

There are two small things that could be potential indicators however. When the search bar is first opened and the input field is empty the results list shows a list of Recent objects of some description (I’m not sure what “recent” means here, if I open a page, edit an existing one, or create a new one, those objects don’t seem to change what shows up in the list for me. This might be a known bug.).
Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 11.58.06

If you then start typing in a search term this list is replaced with your search results. However what is not replaced is the small light grey Recent objects heading for the list of objects. This remains in place above the search results so possibly that’s ment to be an indicator that the search bar doesn’t preform a global search? If that is the intention though I don’t think it’s communicating that very well.

The second thing that possibly indicates (in a very subtle way) that the non-global search behaviour of the search bar is a known behaviour of AnyType is the Use the Search section of the Locating your Objects documentation page. You would expect that this section would provide instructions on opening and using the search bar since it’s as mentioned earlier it’s by far and away the most predominate and accessible search feature in AnyType with the search button in the tool bar being shown in pretty much every view and the only search related global keyboard shortcut opening the search bar. However that page does not mention the search bar but instead provides instructions for finding and using the search button on the graph page. Maybe this is an indication that the search bar is known not to preform a global search. Or maybe it’s just out of date and the search button on the graph page was created before the search bar or something like that.

Desired fix

Ideally what I think should happen is the behaviour of the search bar should be changed to search all objects in the space, not just ones that have been opened. Hopefully this wouldn’t involve major development work since the search function in the graph page already seems to behave this way.

If there is some reason why this is not possible or desirable then it would be good to at least modify the copy and documentation in the above mentioned places to indicate the current behaviour of only searching previously viewed objects.

Additional info

Technical information

Device: computer-hostname.lan
OS version: darwin arm64 13.4.1
App version: 0.34.3
Build number: build on 2023-08-16 11:07:20 +0000 UTC from at #2815587c8afa3f81e75336226cacecb7fe105e9c(v0.27.21)
Library version: v0.27.21
Account ID: A7jEYifY7VxjfYu18ucLydmd3rRQnwcdEyHGVvc8Y7D2TnWC
Analytics ID: 1491a2c4-5805-4f43-9064-b12896b694de
Device ID: 12D3KooWSbfmJvAKvY8oaUc3WJ7n2x5TGQFnyk6gafUb7Crewa7m

I couldn’t find any topics reporting this particular issue but here are some related ones:



I cannot find almost anything using global search currently.


  1. Open a view with objects you search for (for proving the problem).
  2. Open global search using Cmd-S (on macOS)…
  3. Search for an object’s name from the visibile list
  4. See that it isn’t found.


That object’s with the title that is provided in search are being found.


Showing that Task isn’t found:

Pre-installed “Advanced” page also not found:

On Discord, I saw mentioned that this might be a known bug that would/could be fixed in next week’s release?
IMHO, Search is the most fundamental and important feature of any digital PKM. If that isn’t reliable working , potential users will stay away. So I believe those kind of bugs should be dealt with with the utmost priority, on a daily scale, not weeks. Otherwise this really is costing new users.


ᅟProvide your setup info:

  • Device:
    Macbook Pro 2018
  • OS:
    Monterey 12.6.8
  • Anytype Version:
  • Tech Info:
    Device: macl3886
    OS version: darwin x64 12.6.8
    App version: 0.34.3
    Build number: build on 2023-08-16 11:07:20 +0000 UTC from at #2815587c8afa3f81e75336226cacecb7fe105e9c(v0.27.21)
    Library version: v0.27.21
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I have the same bug on Linux v0.34.3 (major regression! :rage:), it seems to be solved in v0.34.4-alpha, but waiting for a stable release with search working properly…

+1. Nothing really useful to add, just

  • the alarm of such an important feature not working
  • the vow of confidence you’ll fix it soon.
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Looks fixed for me on v.0.35.0 :tada:. Thanks middleware team.

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