Full document search and with context shown in the search field

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Many times we need to search information that is not at Title of object. If the search result can show result from content. This will help us a lot to find the information.

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Search result show result from content, too.

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This is the idea for showing the results. Separate the result into 2 sections. One is result from Title. Another is result from content.

BTW this idea is from Notion…


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Currently the search is visually less informational. Trying to search a keyword in the search bar doesn’t show the keyword where it located by highlighting it and along with the sentences it is located.

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Evernote like search. Highlight the text and show them in the search area with the keyword highlighted.

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Roam research like search with keyword down in the search like a description in which keyword with highlighting.

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Image of what I'm talking about.


My understanding is that Anytype already searches the full document content. But there is a bug that makes it quite limited in practice:


Once that is fixed, part of these requests will be resolved. I’ve merged these and am keeping them separate here to track the idea of better display/highlighting of in-page search results vs. page title results.

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Describe the bug

anytype can’t global search keywords, that makes it difficult to find something soon

it was supposed to like this

System Information:

  • OS: e.g. Android 10
  • Anytype Version: 0.20.9
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Yeah it’s already mentioned here


Would also be nice to have the ability to limit searches and results by appending certain keywords/symbols to the beginning!

Adding “###” to the beginning of a search will only search/return relevant titles
Adding “%%%” to the beginning of a search will only search/return relevant descriptions

Microsoft PowerToys Run implements this well:

In the video above, “#” is used to show only system commands; “.” is used to show only applications; and “?” is used to show only files/folders.

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AnyType seems capable to search in the body of objects; but I think that what is described here is that the search function of AnyType should give information about the context of the words you’re looking for.

Joplin does that great. For example, when looking for the word “ecology” in my notes on Joplin, I can quickly see that the second search item mentions ecology as the name of a scientific journal; and since the three extracts of context show the same thing, I can be pretty sure that it won’t mention it in another context.

Having such context in Anytype’s search could be very, very useful; especially when one start having many objects.

In general, like is currently done in Joplin, I would increase the size of each item in the return of the search in AnyType and display less of them. It’s just my personal view, but I find it easier to focus my gaze on each item the search returns if they are not displayed in a list of 10 like it’s currently the case in AnyType. With fiewer things to focus my gaze on, I can more quickly read them and decide if they’re what I’m looking for. Currently, I feel like Anytype’s search return too many items, and not enough information about them so that I can decide if they’re the one I’m looking for.


I personally think in document search is a very essential feature, I especially would make use of it as a student and second brain implementer. I like this functionality in Craft. When searching a key word, it will not only find all the results in your documents, but there is also the ability to see it highlighted in the document preview. Also, it will automatically go to the location of the word when opening the document, which I think is very useful. This function is something I miss significantly when you have a lot of documents and long documents such as notes especially.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When you search for a keyword, Anytype returns a list of pages that contain it. Though, you do not get to see in what context the keyword is being used within the page, so you have to rely on page titles to decide on which one to open.

Describe the solution you’d like

In search results, include the context (the line where it’s used) under each page title.

Additional context

You can find screenshots for comparison linked below.