First impression: syncing doesn't work well?

Really love the desktop app but I cannot get it to reliably sync with the iOS app. I imported ~50 pages from Notion (not many images), and a few of them made it to the mobile app over 24 hours but vast majority have not.

Only other thing that seems really strange is no keyboard shortcut to toggle a checkbox in the desktop app.

Love the overall mission here and excited to see improvements!


There were some server issues in the last week or so. Are you still having trouble with sync?

I currently am having trouble with it now. I’ve created several new things and none of them have made it to the mobile app.

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See if this topic matches your experience (or search to see if there is another one that does):

You can also try uninstall/reinstall and/or clearing cache.

If nothing helps and the existing topic is not the same, you can make a new bug report with details of your situation.

@nicksergeant @Bajaratt how has you syncing experience been lately? Is the original issue still there?

Unfortunately I cannot comment as I have switched to Reflect away from Anytype.

@nicksergeant thanks for replying anyway! I can imagine is has to do with the development stage Anytype is in, but are you willing to share what is/are the main drivers to switch to Reflect?

For me I think it’s just a simplicity thing. Anytype seems to have a lot of complexity built into it in order to support the many “types” and the idea of creating a canonical database for your life, whereas Reflect is just a note-taking app (with some additional nice features for meetings, people, books, etc.).

I just fired up Anytype again to try it out and it just feels cumbersome to create a few simple notes and link them together.

Also the sync is still not working for me:


Also the search doesn’t really seem to work well at all:

Thanls for sharing these insights! I agree that Anytype has a steeper learning curve because of its flexibility. You need to understand the structure of Blocks, Objects, Types, Relations and Templates first, or the notes you write will end up in a place where you cannot find it,especially if search is not great yet.

I hope that the following topic will gain enough traction to be implemented soon to lower the amount of friction when simply writing your content:


I think there are already existing topics for issues with:

Therefore, closing this topic for now.