Roadmap for mobile app features

The mobile platforms are currently missing features, e.g. for me in particular the ability to create a collection or a set.
Since this basically isn’t a new feature, I was wondering if the team is already working on implementing these features and if we could also get a roadmap for the mobile platforms. I couldn’t find anything of the sort.
Basically, the goal will probably be to achieve feature parity. It would be great to be able to track the progress.


I also really miss the ability to create collections and sets on mobile, or the ability to Create objects when adding object relation on mobile

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Hey, you should be able to create both sets and collections on mobile (tested on Android). Where exactly are you trying to create these from?
You can check which features are supported on which platform here.

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Well yes but actually no. I’ve seen that list but it’s not what I’m asking for.
Also this list just mentions inline sets once as “supported” (which as we know means they work in some way but not as one is used to from the desktop version) and it doesn’t mention collections once.

It’s great if this functionally is available on android. On iOS I couldn’t find any way to create a new collection. Maybe I should have been more precise, I assumed at least the mobile platforms to be on an equal feature level.

Wow I think I just found it. Now I’m feeling stupid. How could I have missed that? :joy:

Okay, I think I understand the problem now and how this happend

When creating a new object, the “Change Type” Menu is way less obvious compared to the desktop version where you are immediately presented with different types to use for the new object.



Also I think it’s a problem, that once you accidentally typed any character this menu wont come up again. Changing the object type will now only suggest other object types but not the set or collection type.
This probably is the expected behaviour, as it’s the same on desktop.
But as already explained - the chances to oversee the “change type” option are way higher for the mobile version so its far more likely to happen and to become a problem.

It basically comes down to a UX issue and is not a missing feature, my bad.

But the main point of this thread - I still think that a roadmap for the “real” missing mobile features might be a good idea, since the feature roadmap is only for new features - not for feature parity between platforms.

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The “Change type” menu used to be visible by default. It might either be a bug or a design change.

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Thanks for rising this up, @lph. We are going to update this menu and will address this issue.


So how do you create sets and collections on mobile? Still can’t figure it out :sweat_smile:

Click the plus button, and open the Change type menu in the bottom left corner. There choose either set or collection.

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Wow thanks. I never even noticed that menu :flushed: I was always look at this one :point_down: and couldn’t find the Set or Collection options. Thanks @isle9 and glad to hear from @ignatovv that some UX improvements are coming.