Kanban view for mobile


Tasks management is very hard on mobile since Kanban view is not yet implemented. Please add it!


Previously, if you opened a kanban view on mobile, you were able to click it to open the view in grid mode. Seems like this doesn’t work anymore which makes kanban views almost unusable for me.

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Why does this shows “blocked”? I was going to ask for the same

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This feature is currently on hold. The reason for it was not provided, but one of the devs mentioned that the priority for it could changed if more people show interest in the feature.

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Well, in my case I need it to work with my basic collections on a daily basis. But I acknowledge these are my interests and not the interests of the whole community

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As soon as it is available on desktop, it lacks on mobile version. I use both desktop and mobile versions and it makes the view unusable on both if it is not available on mobile…


Same for me. I have to refuse using kanban on PC because I use both Desktop and Android app.

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This is a great feature that everyone should be able to use


+1’ing this as I would like to use the mobile app more but have set up everything as boards and would be nice to use them w/out having a to make a bunch of new views for mobile

What Do You Recommend?

I couldn’t find a request post, so would like to request for Kanban support for the app! For both iOS and android would be great (I currently use iOS so I’m not sure if it’s supported already on android, but will also be using android in the future so requesting as well in case).

How Could It Be Done?

Kanban feature in the app

Real World Use-Cases

I use the kanban board for spaced repetition studying, so it would be great to have this available for portable review.