Review & setup after 7 months


After my initial impression about Anytype last April I thought I would share my actual setup, Anytype changed a lot since I discovered it last April and it’s now my main PKM and Task management hub.

Overal structure

I basically use the PARA organisation, ( I renamed AreaDomaine)

  • Projects is a set gathering all project objects. Projects are classified with a “Project Tag” relation

  • Domaine and Ressources are sets gathering a Status relation called Index .
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  • Archive is a set gathering any kind of object with the Archive Status relation.

Pro vs Private

I filter pro and private objects with a tag relation that allows me to query some specific views inside Domaines and Ressources or directly in the sidebar (the L2 widget)

Index Status and L2 Tag used to be until recently just pages with linked objects in it because I do prefer visually the styling options of a page but forced to admit that making everything a set or collection through relations offers a better level of flexibility and dynamic organization (and thanks @thePauker for the inspiration).


By default any new entry in my system is a custom Note object.

All notes are classified/filtered with a “Note Tag” relation
A new note entry with empty “Note Tag” relation will show up by default in an Inbox view.

Projects & Tasks

Projects are classified/filtered with a “Project Tag” relation.

Tasks have lots of relations like status, priority (week, month, semester), Project relation, etc… it’s heavily inspired by the Get Things Done framework

About Tags

I don’t use the default Tag system that is present on all objects because tagging across all the space doesn’t work for me, i need some hierarchy to break my views in order to focus so most of the objects have their own custom tags (Note Tag, Project Tag, etc,)

Daily Log

Following the Calendar view introduction I created a Daily object set, main idea is to use it as daily log but its not working as frictionless as I would like and it’s a little bit redundant with my Notes inbox setup so I might move back to another app for that.

For make it work properly I would need:

  • Automatic title as date
  • One page only per date
  • Homothetic resizing of calendar view in inline set use, actually it shrinks in very ugly way.


Following the multi-space introduction I moved my Bullet Journal to a separate space, hope I will be more consistent to use it in a specific, distraction-free environment. (it’s just a set that query Journal objects)


The Dashboard displays Projects, Tasks, Daily and Notes as inline sets, it’s my homepage.

Projects, Tasks and Notes can be linked via custom object type relations limited to specific objects.


Regarding my specific uses I especially miss today:

That said congrats and thanks team for the amazing work during the last months, Anytype is a joy to use.


Thanks for sharing your setup! I was planning to separate my stuff into personal space and pro space, but I think I will try using custom tags for while and see how it goes. I agree on preferring visual styling, but filtering with sets and collections does make it more functional.

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Until they build a solution to move things across spaces (like in Notion) it’s complicated for me to consider multi-space workflow, it has been already a cumberstone to just move my bullet journal. I assume it will come with multiplayer.

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Looks really really great… I’ll see what I can adjust in my setup