Toggle for headers

I’m using VSCodium + Dendron for note-taking daily + some other plugins.

Need to check which plugin exactly or VSCodium itself allows this feature.

I use this a lot as I keep all my To Dos in one single .md file. Of course, in Anytype I can make page 100% width and re-arrange it all, but still, it’s a pretty useful feature.


@ichimga Agree, however I think it would be even better if any block could be toggled and its sub-blocks collapse then. Headers could have special behavior perhaps, where any sub-header blocks beneath get collapsed even if they are not explicit children. Fibery behaves that way. But in general I think “all blocks have toggle” is preferable, and brings some outliner functionality to Anytype without outliner limitations. See my similar feature request here:


@endac Hey, this issue should be in Features / Desktop UI/UX. My bad I posted it wrongly. Could you please change that. Thank you!

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@ichimga done!

Hi! I have a similar problem. Below is a demonstration.

I wonder if this is the right place to post this.


Thanks @Tamalika we are aware of this request. We want to give more flexibility to users overall. It definitely will be the part of it. I increased the priority of this one.


Just adding this here (since the link from @Oshyan 's comment didn’t seem to get pulled in with a preview):

Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward to seeing anytype develop. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope everybody is doing well.

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Coming from Craft and Notion I deeply miss this feature, would love to see it implemented.


Same coming from Obsidian, although lists are even worse without toggles.


I also wonder why we can’t sub-block within a title, header or sub-header…
I can insert a text block inside / below another text block (indenting it in the process), but I can’t with a header… that’s unfortunate… I guess that would be dealt with the solution then?

Thanx for your insight !

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We have plans to tackle this one alongside main issue.