More intuitive block navigation


I just made my first page object, and populated it with a list of movies. Following this experience, I have several small suggestions to make the experience more user-friendly:

  1. The navigation feels unnatural when the cursor is at the start of a line and I press left. Simply, nothing happens. What should happen is that the cursor should move to the previous line, like pressing the up button. Caveat: if the line happens to be a toggle, then the toggle collapses. But even if it is a toggle, after the toggle is collapsed, we are back at the situation where nothing happens when I press left at the start of the line. (Also, note - though it is a matter of personal preference, I feel it is a little weird/unnatural that pressing left at the beginning of a toggle line collapses it.)

  2. It would be nice if "ctrl + . " could be added as a way to collapse/uncollapse a toggle. It is a shortcut used by several programming IDEs, as well as Dynalist and Workflowy. AnyType should probably adopt this shortcut too. Then when the keyboard shortcut is issued while multiple blocks are selected, all those blocks should toggle open, or collapsed.

  3. If I begin highlighting multiple blocks by pressing shift+down, or shift+up, then I let go of shift and press down or up, I find that the cursor is back at the starting block. The cursor should instead be at the most recently select block, not the starting block.

  4. Also, I am not sure what causes it, but sometimes when I use ctrl+z to undo, the cursor disappears. In order to bring the cursor back I have to click on the page. This shouldn’t be the case. The cursor should always be somewhere


Thanks for that @SirCaptain , but ideally you should make 1 post per request, to help out the devs parse it.

I made some comments below. I also mention some existing posts that already might address some of your requests (if they do, please vote on them!).

I like that. Even better, CTRL ± to unfold/fold next/previous levels.

Might be best to add this to one of the existing posts regarding multi-block selection.


Thanks for feedback @SirCaptain I will pass the request 1 and 3 down the production line and investigate the other two. :pray:

@ignatovv - Request 1 has been implemented! It feels so much better now!