Unexpected behaviour using arrows to move cursor across blocks

Using arrows to move the cursor within a Block works as expected. If the cursor is over the word “banana” (image below) and I press ↓, the cursor goes to the word “apple”.

I’d expect that if I press ↓ again, the cursor would go to “porsche” (in the next Block). But it goes to the end of the first block instead.

I understand it’s useful to have shortcuts to go to the end/start of the current block, but I think the up/down arrow should have this simpler behaviour.

I also think pressing → at the end of a Block should move the cursor to the beginning of the next Block. Conversely, pressing ← at the start of a Block should move the cursor to the end of the previous Block. Currently neither does anything.


Always wondered if I was the only one finding it weird :sweat_smile:


Yes please. The current behaviour is not very intuitive.