Masonry Grid


To have a masonry grid option for images or as an option within gallery view


This could be a option within gallery view, especially when using the inline sets/collections
Could be implemented into simple tables. For example: if you paste an image into a slot of the table, along with other images in other slots, it automatically creates a masonry grid of the images (or maybe even a normal grid, or other types of grids, let the user chose)


To be used as mood/vision boards for projects, similar to pintrest but built into the program. I feel a lot of people use Anytype for projects and a mood/vision board is a super useful tool for thinking through ideas, products, etc.
So to able to have a mood board within Anytype along with all the other parts of a project would be very helpful.


Allow us to hide the title for pages in the gallery view, so the cover image fills the entire block.


I understand this is properly a very niche feature but thought was worth mentioning, never know.
Loving Anytype very much (moved for Notion), the offline first is a game changer, look forward to seeing this project grow and hope to be using this as my life manager for a long long time. Thanks for everything you guys do :smiley:

I like this idea. We could really use more display options for images.

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Lol, it was masonry from the beginning and then masonry was removed and replaced with a normal grid that caused a bit of headache to rework. Masonry that comes with react-virtualised works pretty good but unfortunately the algorithm of sorting works in such manner that sorting does not work correctly because it tries to occupy empty space with cards, so this is why we got rid of it. Idk if it will come back as we have a lot of other stuff to do.

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Oh wow didn’t realise this feature use to exist :joy: and yeah do understand that they’re properly alot higher priorities, even I admit this is a pretty niche request.

Even so still thing its worth leaving this post open so maybe sometime in the future (even far far future) this request can be seen and added during a quality of live update or something.

Appreciate the explanation and the fast response @Razor :smile:

I hope it comes back. :grinning: I can see why it’s problematic for sorting objects with names, but for images used as mood board, it’s really not that necessary to have a definite order because it’s about looking at the images as a whole. (Filling the gaps to fit works)

Maybe in the future when the core features are done and things like albums and gallery options are considered.

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