Gallery View Customization


As we’re getting ready for releasing Anytype to the public and start competing with other rivals, I was thinking that the addition of some features can elevate the user experience even further. So, 1st I’m going to start with sets; to be specific the gallery view customization of sets. As you know, the inline sets are around the corner and more and more people whom are using the anytype as their PKM, would want to have the ability to fully realize and customize their personal materials such as books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, etc in Anytype. The current state of Anytype in this regard is already pretty good but I had some suggestion that I wanted to share.


Customization control over the gallery view: currently we can choose either the cover or a media/file as the cover to show in the gallery view but that’s it. we can’t change the size of the cards, change the aspect ratio of them or changing the aspect ration of the shown image, reposition it. As of now, the result is not at all pretty as is shown bellow:

So, I believe giving users the ability to control these aspects would further elevate the user experience. In the following I will try to list them for easier access:

a) The ability to change the size of cards depending on the user’s need.
b) The ability to change the aspect ration of the cards in Gallery view.
c) The ability to reposition the shown image like the one we have for the cover image in objects
d) Having the ability to granularly change the “fit” option; for example a slider to change the fit percentage.
e) the ability to have more that 4 cards in a row in the “large” option. The same goes for other sizes too. (I think this will be done if we had the option to change the size of the cards manually instead of being locked into 3 option)


As I’ve mentioned earlier, this could be a gem for anyone wanting to have any type of collection and have it on display. Also, it would be absolutely game changing with the introduction of the inline sets because that way people could create beautiful pages/objects based on their need and taste.

Additional Information

Also, I wanted to say the giving the “files/media” relation a little bit more freedom and power would simplify our block creation. For example, right now I can upload some file or picture as a relation in order for it to being shown in the gallery view. but if I want to also show it in the object itself, I can’t use the relation because I can’t enlarge the image and it will only be shown as a line if I choose to. Instead, I have to either re-upload the image directly and create a new block or create a new block and choose the image from my uploaded image which I have to say it’s not pleasant at all due to the fact the naming of the uploaded files is just random without us having any control over their name or the ability to rename them.


Thanks @dzlg, crucial design critique. I’ve shared your post to our internal product feedback channel and look forward to the reading rest!


I appreciate it @Angelo. I will try to make time and add these kind of design posts over time :blush:


do you have any update on that one? I think especially the function to be able to show a preview of the content (similar as in Notion) would be great! I often have an introduction text and an image in Notion pages and in the gallery view this is then displayed as a nice small summary picture of the content.

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+1 to this FR, especially letter B. I find square (1:1) and portrait (2:3) the most useful in my use cases — art projects, book collection, blog images (Pinterest-style), and photo grid.

With this implemented, it’d be easy to turn projects into a filtered portfolio that you can publish/hide anytime.

Another idea is to have the option to overlay the texts and display upon hover, so you get a full grid look without hiding titles and other important info.


Hello everyone. For now we are working on Collections and more robust source querying/filtering. I think more visual customisation will go in par with sharing/collaboration functions later this year.