Link to object from text selection

Currently there is a function to add an arbitrary link to a text selection. But there is no way to link to an Anytype page this way. I think this functionality should exist, in addition to the existing page link block. Simply put, typing into the URL field should search for matching pages in Anytype (or, alternatively, a toggle or something to switch to internal linking).


Absolutely love this one. Stumbled across it when looking for similar requests to a feature which I would love to see implemented so will build on that here. On top of being able to link to other pages in a text selection (like a hyperlink) I’d also love to be able to link to a block of choice. The way I see this working is that I would be able to have an option on a block to ‘get link’ and could then paste this link when I’m turning some inline text into a link. This would be super useful for those long pages where you may want to reference headers or sections further up and the ability to have a link to that spot in the page would be incredibly useful!

Note: I believe some functionality like this exists in Notion for reference, but obviously this may need to be implemented differently as Anytype is not web based - the technicalities of how Anytype and Notion are built isn’t a strong point of mine!


@bskinner Yeah, interesting suggestion. At first I thought your request was similar to “block references” in e.g. Roam, but it sounds more like you want an “anchor link”-like function, which I agree is a good idea, though I’d suggest it as a new/separate feature request. Block references, and eventually transclusion, are also things I want to see, but again I should open a new feature request for that. :grin:

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[I’ve just posted a feature request which suggests a different solution, ]( but my example use case could have been achieved using a link on text selection.

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I cannot add a link to another object within text, when I add a link it becomes an object that is separate from the text (unless it is a link to a webpage or something, in which case it works).

This makes presentation in pages very tedious if you have a very connected knowledge base for example

Describe the solution you’d like

Notion for example does it very well, when you type /link it lets you seemlessly add a link within a block of text. Like so:


@Inkqb You want the same as my feature request here, right?


@Oshyan Exactly ! I did not see your post

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@Inkqb No worries. Not to put you on the spot but, out of curiosity, did you search and just not find it? I am asking because I am very interested in how well the search in this forum works, since it helps to avoid duplicates like this. No big deal if you didn’t, just curious!

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@Oshyan I saw it but I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. What you want is to select text and add a link to anything right ?

What I was looking for can actually be achieved in anytype by mentioning a page using @XXXXX

So this feature request is actually already in anytype. Is there a way I can delete it ?


@Inkqb Ah, I understand now. Don’t worry about deleting, not something you can do AFAIK, but the Anytype team will do so if they think it’s helpful.

Can the new object be set to use words or sentences as the unit instead of the main line

If I am not doing it right, is it possible to tell me how to do it, thank you.

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I do my best to write documents and notes in Anytype as a second brain, that means I like to write in patterns and styles that feel close and familiar to me, in order to better consolidate this knowledge.

When I write a document that references other documents sometimes I think to myself “I’d love to make this word a link to object XYZ as this is the right place where I’d think of jumping to that object for more information”, but I can’t :disappointed:

Describe the solution you’d like

The ideal situation would be to have a feature to write down links to other objects and specify the text we actually wanna show instead of the whole title of the linked document.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Other alternatives include having link blocks and @linked objects this way, but that does not solve the problem. Sometimes these features makes sense (I do use them!) but sometimes the limitation breaks the flow of the writing and the document.



If I understand correctly, this is the same request as this much older one:

If so I will merge them. It’s always good to do a search for prior existing examples of your feature request.

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@Oshyan Maybe it’s because it’s late for me but I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same, I’ll ping you tomorrow if you want and we can talk about it!

+1 for this feature.

I would love to see this and a very easy way would be to use the hyperlink syntax from markdown:

[google]( will become [google]( - as it is already possible here in the forum.

[google](/title_of_my_google_object) would become google, but would link to my page in anytype.

I would love to have a way which removes the necessity to transform an already written text into a link. It’s annoying to write some text, highlight it, right click on it and select “link” from the menu with the mouse, if you could do it so easy with the keyboard.


I think you both want the same. lucasmmarino just wants to emphasize the importance of the possibility to “rename” the link as in [search-website]( becomes [search-website]( So he doesn’t has to rewrite sentences because the title of a webpage he is linking to would be grammatically incorrect in the used sentence.

I will merge them, I think they are close enough to be considered in the same way.

Hi Anytype team, is there any progress for the inline link to objects?

@atb will implement this in the next sprint


@Vova Sounds great. Thanks.