Ability to add inline references (links) to Objects, Relations etc

(I was surprised not to find this here yet. Maybe it already exists using a different terminology?)

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When I’m writing and mention a name/concept/relation that already exists in my AT, I’d like to be able to link to it inline.

Describe the solution you’d like

Usually this is triggered by [[, but could be just the / instead.

So if I have an object for Charles Chaplin, I could link to it in some text:

“I was watching a [[Charles Chaplin]] movie.”

(Without the brackets! I’m not sure how to underline in this editor, sorry.)

Ideally I’d also like to be able to choose an arbitrary text for the link.

“I was watching a movie by this [[funny guy]].”

(Again, no brackets. That part would only be underlined as a link.)

If I keep the original text, this should update as the original object does.

So if I change the name of the object to “Charles C. Chaplin”, the text reference updates automatically.

“I was watching a [[Charles C. Chaplin]] movie.”

As I see it, this request is a general case of the ones below (if not, please feel free to merge/move as needed!):




I believe this is already possible using @ to invoke the linking. Can you check that and see if it’s what you mean?

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@qualquertipo Could you check if you mean, what Oshyan mentioned?

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