Allow block to be "turned into Relation"

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Sometimes it is useful to turn an existing piece of text on a Canvas into an Object. This is possible! :smiley: . It is not yet possible to turn the same text into a Relation.

Describe the solution you’d like

Show Relations in the “Turn into object” menu (either block level menu or text-quick-menu):

  1. Select text with keyboard or cursor
  2. Use the overflow menu from the quick menu
  3. Use the existing option “Turn into object”
  4. Search for the Relation (for example “Creation date”)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
As inline Relations are not yet a thing (see FR) this could currently only be implemented on block level, but once inline Relations are there, this should also be possible on a text level.

Additional context
This might be useful for cases where you have imported/pasted information from an external source as plain text into Anytype. Selecting a piece of text to turn it into a Relation for that Object would be helpful.