How do you like the keyboard navigation/workflow?

I would like to know happy you are when using Anytype with the keyboard?
I’m often using the mouse to navigate. Yes, there are quite a few shortcuts for navigation, but I couldnt get used to them by now.
But once I’m in an object I find myself using the mouse more than I would like to. From my other note taking applications I’m used to do everything with the keyboard.
I dont only mean shortcuts. I also mean, that some things cant be done with keyboard only or some things feel unintuitive, at least for me.

@All: How is the (keyboard) workflow for you?

@Team: How low or high is the (keyboard) workflow part in the list of priorities in the moment?
Or is that something for later?


i think too that the keyboard workflow especially when editing and writing in an object is still not very fluent, since for every relation you want to type something into, you cant seem to use your keyboard, you always have to move your mouse and click the input field, which i find very hindering.

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Backlinks need a etter shorcut imo.