An obsidian like command palette

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
A new feature which will enable key-board only operation on Anytype.

Describe the solution you’d like
An obsidian like command palette (documented here) which enables us to access any function (create a new object of a specific type, new relationship etc. This can also be opened up so that plugin creators can implement their own function within Anytype

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Keyboard and mouse solutions; automatic per-key macro from a third party software (not ideal)

Additional context


I’ve gotten so used to this in other apps, it’s just muscle memory now. I definite hope this gets implemented.

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Good news! This already exists! using the / command does bring up a wide range of commands and meets my needs. Are you looking for something beyond this?

Yep. The \ command is useful for editing blocks. I was wondering if there is interest for an obsidian like command palette where you can use to do anything? Eg. New note, navigate to section, etc…?


I’m a bit late to this, but there are indeed a few commands that can already be executed from /. In Obsidian, the / is basically just the command pallette, but in-line. Hopefully this gets implemented sooner than later since there are some stuff that you’d rather want to do outside the canvas :blush:

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Can you give some examples?

Oh, there are plenty of examples in Obsidian. Especially when it comes to plugins.

But a simple example: if there’s a command to create a new object (not in the canvas, just triggering the global command), you’d rather that the user doesn’t need to click on the canvas, then press /, and then find and trigger the command. This is especially a problem if there is no canvas. For instance, in sets and the home screen.

Edit: there’s been a push recently to combine the command pallete with search, a change I’m definitely a fan of