Happy New Year, Release Schedule Update, Town-hall Announcement

Happy New Year Anytype Community! :confetti_ball:

We are officially back to it after a refreshing holiday break. As is customary upon the passing of another year, we took some time to reflect on 2022 to celebrate our successes and make resolutions for the many things we can improve in 2023. :mirror::face_with_monocle:

To start the year off on the right foot, we humbly apologize for the long pause in our monthly release schedule caused by the preparation of the highly anticipated Relations as Objects release. The explanation hasn’t changed from what was stated in our previous update Updated Release Schedule - Nov '22 (ie restructuring, backward compatibility). It’s a massive endeavor, requiring a lot of thorough testing and is taking much longer than we anticipated. We are sorry for any inconvenience or frustration it may have caused, but rest assured, the delay is not for a lack of effort. We have our nose to the grindstone to deliver you the best software we can, tentatively scheduled for the 3rd week of January on all platforms (desktop and mobile). :pray: :rocket:

We have much in the pipeline for 2023 that we’re excited to share with you at our next Town-hall event on January 23rd! Our founders will present our Roadmap for the year, with a Q/A session afterward. Items of discussion will include new features & functionality, our public launch and what comes next for Anytype beyond the editor, à la Spaces, on upward to the Co-operating System :bust_in_silhouette::globe_with_meridians: :milky_way:

Hosting of the event will be similar to our on-boarding sessions on Zoom, simply because it’s the most friction-less option for us. We’ll provide more info in the next days on how to be involved, so stay tuned. If you’re unable to attend but would still like to participate, you don’t have to miss out on the fun! Feel free to submit your questions, concerns or suggestions in the comments below. We will compile a list beforehand and address them all during the event. After the Town-hall is finished, we will share a recording here in the Community, along with the first iteration of our Roadmap :motorway:

Thank you so much for your patience, support and countless contributions. We are grateful for every single Anytyper and thrilled to dive into another year building the future together with you! :dolphin: :sparkles:

Jan Town-Hall Recording :point_down:

To view use Passcode: ?wn8=de4


Happy new year. Thanks for the update.
Is handwritten support on the agenda for 2023 (apple pencil support for example)? And what about calculations?


Thanks, happy new year!

Will there be native ability to play audio files and create playlists?


Is something like an infinite canvas (like Obsidian introduced recently) on the Roadmap?

See also: New Type of Pages - Whiteboard/Canvas


Thank you for the update and a happy new year.
I was wondering whether a notification system is planned, and if so, when we might anticipate it to be implemented?

Reference: Larger proposal for discussion: Notification System


Happy new year. Thanks to you and your team;
Is Evernote import considered added soon?


Happy New Year to the team!
I was wondering if the type-library and creating custom types will come to android anytime soon?

That seems like a core functionality that is neccesary before there can be a public release on mobile.


Happy New Year to the Anytype team, It’s an outstanding experience to use Anytype & I appreciate your continuous efforts. I hope you support the Arabic language in 2023 or at least orientation writing from RTL.


Happy New Year AnyType Team!!
Glad you guys took some time off! Balance is always best when the time is right!

I am excited to see what 2023 will be like for AnyType! I believe AnyType will produce twice the amount of features this year. Also, believe this will be the Year the main foundation of AnyType, and all of the foundational features will be completed this year as well!
You guys are working hard at it, I am sure! I do want to thank you all you guys for your hard work in 2022!

Questions & Concerns - The Town-Hall Event

  • Customization of AnyType - Will AnyType always stay true to being a blank canvas where we can start from nothing and build whatever we want? Will there be Templates that will make it easy for those who do not want to even think about creating anything but have it already created with a template? i see many people do not want to learn how to create things in Notion or AnyType and they always think Monday,com or Clipup or something like these, is better but really all it is a template that is already built out for them.

  • Handwritten Feature - Will anything be implemented for this? this year or the years to come? I believe this is really one of the foundational features of AnyType, even if it was not in the begging. Also, will be able to do a search on your handwritten notes? I just really see this being searchable also.

  • Storage Options - will there be an option to have our data storage on-premise & in the cloud? Will AnyType offer any storage options? will AnyType make it easy to use other storage providers for our data to be stored and accessed? like, web3 storage providers? I really like the caching idea because I would store most of the big files on my local NAS and then use the cloud to host most frequently access data and cache the big media files as well.

  • Concern - with censorship coming to the internet within a few years - will AnyType be able to support a massive migration of people and their data? In including multimedia like videos, audio, and images? I do believe that the size of data will be no concern of the future because once 5D storage is available - no one will be worried about running out of space and it should be very inexpensive also.

  • Import Feature - There are so many Import options on AnyType that still are not available yet. will any of these be available? and how soon? I really wanted to be able to move everything into AnyType from all these others platforms. I really want each text or note file that has been made in other programs to retain the create date and also some have images that never import into AnyType. This is a concern because we want to preserve as much as possible our notes from the past because this is a part of our lives!!

  • Monetization of our own data & Content - Will AnyType provide or make some kind of way for content creators to generate an incoming using the AnyType platform? Will AnyType create an online economy for content creators? Or at least have integration with other platforms or apps.

  • Messaging - is messaging feature still planned? I hope so! I still like this idea or at least a good plugin so that I can back up my iPhone messages and media to AnyType! this would be so cool! Then I could also do searching for messages and other things.

  • Web clipper - will this be better than the Notion version? will it be able to download videos also? Would be amazing if it could!

  • Ebook Viewer - will there be a better and more cool way to view Ebooks inside of AnyType? reading is important! Would it be possible to import a book? like the text itself? that would be great! Would like to be able to select text within the book and reference it or link to it.

  • Ai - Will there be any open-source Ai? like for transcription of audio to text? making audio & video searchable via text search? or text to images? or anything else?

  • Audio/video player - will there be a better audio/video player with time stamps and remember where you left of last? Will we be able to make relations to different times

  • Graph - will the graph be like 3d where we can use VR glass to look at all of our connections? I am just thinking about the future of the metaverse and how AnyType will connect with that.


Happy New Year!!! And best wishes for 2023 and for years to come.

WIth evernote being bought it’s future seems bleak. Which proves great opportunity to fill the needs and good number of people looking to migrate ( including me). So few things which will be important if we want to capture the evernote user base:

  • Migration of data to anytype
  • web clipper ( Evernote web clipper and excellent)
  • Scan and save documents from phone
  • OCR Search (ability to search pdfs)

Great it these features can be prioritized for 2023.



I almost forget to add this also…

For the audio part -

  • Record Audio - It would be nice to have a recorder in AnyType like iPhone has the Memo App that record’s meetings or like Otter.ia and then transcribes them. this is also going toward the content creation process.
    Part of the problem now is that i have save my audio recordings and the go into AnyType and add them manually which may be hard but its tedious and would save a great deal to be able to put it right in AnyType with the least amount of steps as possible - the same goes for the Handwriting notes - it takes many steps to get the notes in AnyType.
  • Automation - Will there be of this? The more automation there is, the faster and smoother experience will be. This will bring a greater love for AnyType because it simplifies the repetitive task and makes everything less complicated.

I‘d also like to know whether calendar view for sets is planned for this year.

And possibly long-term: will you support formulas?


the reason I mentioned the “Web clipper” was because one thing I am concerned with is that with internet censorship, I would want to be able to save videos also. I am sure there are ones that would want to save videos knowing that one day they might take it down.

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Thanks for the great talk, everyone! We really enjoyed seeing you, hearing you, and sharing with you. We tried to address as many questions as we could, submitted from this thread, Calendly, and Zoom. Below, you’ll find the recording :point_down:

Stay tuned for our next Town Hall announcement in a few weeks!

Passcode: ?wn8=de4


Thank you for sharing this so quickly! Roadmap looks great. Thank you for the transparency and honesty.

Would be nice to know who are the team members that appear in the townhall. I’m familiar with Zhanna, but not the others! I guess this was in the introduction, but the video starts later.


Haven’t seen the whole video, just looked into a few minutes. So sorry if there was someone else I missed.
Middle: Zhanna - Co-Founder / CEO
Right: Angelo - Community Custodian & Admin / Product Knowledge / Support
Left: Anton - Co-Founder / Product Architect)
Background at some time: Roman - Co-founder & CTO


Thanks @Flip, nailed it :wink:

Hello Team!
it was great to see you guys!

I just wanted to list out some things I think were good.

  • Space & Agents - very excited about this!

  • AnySync - I am so happy to hear that you guys created your own Protocol!

  • Test first, then create Documentation later - this is good I believe, It’s more natural to “Do” and then “Teach”!
    this is why school systems need to change also. This is also called “First-principles thinking” and it is one of the best ways to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creative possibility. Sometimes called “reasoning from first principles,” the idea is to break down complicated problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up. It’s one of the best ways to learn to think for yourself, unlock your creative potential, and move from linear to non-linear results.

  • Pricing - I think this is good what you guys are doing. Focusing on developing a quality network and community and only charging for what really needs to be charged for which is understandable the storage. Sometimes people may not be able to afford a consistent monthly fee. I know notion offers unlimited use for text and then charges for big data like images & videos. Also, the fact that you are more focused on the quality of the platform than how much money it makes is great because those are the best platforms that make the most money because they are doing it for the right reasons. when our goals are to make life better for people in business, they often are very successful and do make a lot of money in the end. I am not saying that’s what this is about, I am just saying I like your goals and intentions.
    It would be cool to create passive income where it would pay for itself also. Maybe a way for individuals to monetize their content on the platform of AnyType? this would be amazing. Check out this company that is doing this with their newsletters. https://www.beehiiv.com/

  • Handwritten notes - I would love to talk to you guys about this! to expand on this for you! With this, I think it will be simple to do.

  • Web clipper - Very excited about this! love what you had to say about it!

  • Audio player - Yes, i like what you said about that. Core features first. awesome.

This was great! You guys cleared some things up for me. I see that you are building the foundation first and this is also your main focus which I love. I know there are many other things I have mentioned and others but I see some of those things can be plugins or additions for the future.
Also, I loved how you explained your reason for starting Anytype and where some of your passion came from to do this. It was great hearing about the team and how they have been doing also.


Are there any plans in making Anytype a fully fledged operating system in the future or is that scrapped?

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Not to the extent that it would be a genuine replacement for macOS or Windows for example, but if it becomes feature rich enough one day through community contributions it may effectively be something of that sort.

Officially, it’s not our aim to position ourselves as a substitute for operating systems, but rather a privacy focused space designer, collaborative eco-system and marketplace.

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