Sprint Review 2023 - 01

What a great way to start the new year with a HUGE update of Anytype! :firecracker:

During this weeks sprint review the team introduced two new team members and the team reflected on the 0.30.0 release on Desktop and the new releases on mobile, introducing what is the end result of a long running project (“Decluttering” :broom: and “Relations as Object” :chopsticks:). Now that SO MUCH work under the hood has been completed, many other features can finally start to make their way into the Anytype software.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams have worked on and are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. As part of the Release Train, the next release is again planned for the end of next month.

For the upcoming releases, a lot of more user visible features are lined up.


The desktop team is working on the introduction of Widgets and bringing significant improvements to the Graph viewer.

A bit further down the line we will get to see Collections (a user defined set of Objects), similar to an Inline Set, but not based on its Type or Relations. I’m not yet sure how this will work in practice, but I would love to make my own custom groups/sets of Objects that are not tied together by anything other than my thoughts :brain: .
The team is also making good progress on Inline Sets (yes, they are coming! :smiley:) and redesigns of the Settings and the Marketplace to make it easier to (un)install Types and Relations.


The team is working on import formats other than markdown: csv, html, and txt. It was not explicitly mentioned this sprint review, but I remember the team was making good progress with an improved Notion import as well :crossed_fingers:.


The Types Library will make its way to Android soon, allowing you to manage your Types on the go :horse_racing:.


Don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming town hall event (hosted on Zoom, click here to register: Calendly).

The team will shed some light on the new infrastructure the team is working on, Spaces, and the long-awaited public release :rocket: .

You can post your comments or questions in advance in this topic :thought_balloon: :


Awesome :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next update.

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