Updated Release Schedule - Nov '22

Hello everyone,

Coming with an update that unfortunately we’ll need to delay our previously-planned November release for a few weeks.

We know that a lot of you are eager for this release “Relations as Objects”, which includes features such as installing/de-installing Types & Relations, Set by relation, deletion from graph, and other much-anticipated features. Thanks for your patience and understanding thus far.

That’s the main gist of this announcement, but for those who are curious I want to take a few moments to shed light on why this update has taken so many months and why we’re moving cautiously in implementation.

First, we’ve introduced a shift in data structure. Rather than being stored within Objects, relation data is now stored on the level of your space (which at this moment you can think of as account-level). While this allows for more modular and flexible management of relations, it also requires a huge refactoring and lots of work to stabilise. We want to be sure that no accounts or data are compromised when we release this update.

Second, we needed to be certain that the principles we introduce with this update will continue to be applicable in future versions of Anytype, specifically multi-spaces (where you will likely need different types & relations for work versus home spaces), and collaboration (where multiple people will be working with a common set of Types & Relations, but some of these people might want to modify them).

Added to this, was another layer of complexity about how deleted types & relations should behave across a decentralised architecture, where there is the risk of unsynced Objects which use Types & Relations that were meanwhile uninstalled on another device.

All that is to say, we’re heads down working hard to deliver v1 of Relations-as-Objects, and we wish to do it nicely. That means we will need a few more weeks to test & improve the internal version and make sure it’s stable.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding, and look forward to bringing a new release as soon as we are confident to do so :heart:


Thank you for the explanation @Charlotte. I think a lot of folks were hoping Christmas would come early this year but an upgrade of this magnitude is well-worth the wait, exciting! :stars:


Yes, Thank You Charlotte for the update!

I don’t mind waiting…

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want Types & Relations for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true


Hi. Thank you for the explanation. This is a very big change and, what I fee,l is a lot of hard work. I am happy to wait for these exciting features.
I hope everybody is taking care of themselves during this time and also scheduling some off time to spend with family and friends.
Much love to all.


Thank you! @Charlotte


I have been waiting for the release of a new version of anytype. I hope the new version will be released soon. I want to ask when it will be released in a few weeks? At the end of December?


Thank you for clarifying! :smiley:

This seems an important change/update that should not be rushed. Take all the time that is needed for this update and yourself ofcourse. :wink: I think I can speak for everyone and say that we rather be more patient and waiting longer for this update then to rush it and lose data.


Understandable, I think everyone is twiddling their thumbs in anxious anticipation of Relations as Objects. Our Devs are aiming for end of Dec, but are hesitant to promise a specific time because they’d already hoped to achieve this functionality much sooner. What can be said is they are working hard everyday to bring it as soon as possible.:sunrise::man_technologist::night_with_stars:


Does the next update include the fix for sync issues?


I really hoping that this next update fixes the sync issues.

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Thank you for this post :slight_smile: We’ll wait as long as we need. Just take your time and have some rest as well.


As an idea for deleted types and relations - you could create some kind of “Unsorted/Blank”(you could call it whatever you’d like) Relation and\or Type and put assosiated objects under that Type and\or Relation. That would’ve saved a lot of objects in the past(and of course will in future, if this is the idea, worth implementing)


Look forward to new version updates.Thank you!



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RaO release is delayed, we will make an announcement about it soon.