I'm getting worried

In July we got a public announcement saying the pace of development was slowing to fix and rework a lot of internal systems including relations as objects and sync features. In October we got our last update fixing a few quality-of-life stuff and introducing a bug that was quickly fixed. Following this in November we got another update saying the release will be delayed, and since we haven’t really heard anything from the development team. of course accounting for the holiday period and knowing that development normally grinds to a halt around the 23rd of dec every year, that leaves just under a month since we were told that the next release will be delayed after being told it will take a few weeks, and we still don’t have a timeline or official update.

As much as I don’t want to rush perfection, I don’t want this project to just die in silence. i appreciate that updating the community, especially during a period of crunch can be stressful as no guarantees can really be made, however, given there has been no official update outside of sprint reviews for progress (which in itself cannot be compared to patch notes) I feel, personally that we’ve been left in the dark in contrast to the amazing level of communication there was earlier this year.

I appreciate you guys are doing what you can, and the community still supports you, I just think we need some form of update.


This seems to be the latest from the dev team, so they’ll probably have an announcement soon after they return from holidays.
Also, you might’ve missed an update from the team on their blog. I’m not really sure why it wasn’t cross-posted on the forum as well.
And lastly, the nightly testers have been testing the RaO update for a while now and I can tell you personally that there’s a lot of changes and new features not even counting all the backend stuff. IIRC, they also got a new round of funding recently, so I really doubt that Anytype will be dead any time soon.



Thanks for your feedback, always appreciated. I acknowledge that things have been quieter here than usual, and I apologise that we’ve not been updating as frequently as we would have liked.

With regards to this specific release, I can say that nothing has changed in regards to features; it’s simply taken several (more) weeks of testing (than anticipated) to make sure that the data migration - especially on older accounts - is working correctly. We did not estimate for this project to take as long as it has, and we’re working on our internal processes to become more precise on our release dates in the future.

For now, we have tentatively planned this release for the 3rd week of January.

In the view of building more openly, I’d also like to share that on 23rd of January we’ll be having a town hall with our founders where we’ll share our roadmap for the first half of the year (and will publish the link to the roadmap afterward). We hope that can help with allaying concerns about where we’re going or what the team is up to. @Angelo will share more details on the time and location soon.

Finally, @litelotus I noticed you’re not part of our nightly testers group - IMO it’s a great way to stay abreast of up & coming features before they’re released, and communicate directly with our dev team in case of concerns. Check this post here for signup details; we’d be happy to see you there!

I hope that I’ve partially addressed some concerns here. Please know we are honoured to have your support and one of our main goals in the coming year will be to build more transparently and share our progress in a more timely manner.


Finally, @litelotus I noticed you’re not part of our nightly testers group

I thought I had put my application forward and just didn’t hear anything, if you still need my id ill send it over, but I did try and enrol at some point

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Hey @LiteLotus, our apologies for quietness as of late, we were on an official holiday break until today.

Thanks for interest in the Nightly Ops program!

I haven’t seen anything from you on our enrollment page but maybe you messaged a Mod?

We reached capacity for Nightly Ops some time ago and have resorted to a wait-list, but as you’re one of our most prolific and insightful contributors, we’d be thrilled with your involvement.

Please DM me your email address and AnyID, then I will add you to the forum group, chat and category where you can make Nightly Bug Reports. I will also add you to the internal Slack channel. :sunglasses: :night_with_stars: