First impressions and findings

Hi there, now you’re thinking with portals, sorry, objects :wink:


  • i like to be in control of my data
  • love the idea that everything is an object
  • sync across devices works like a charm
  • easy enough is to link different instances or change object type “on the fly”.

Some findings after a few days of use

  • no way to change a Created date, eg. while moving paper notes into digital format. As a workaround added a new MeetingDate relation for my Meeting Notes

  • Sets are great, but free-form hierarchical structure would be a great option (like it’s done in History section).

  • built-in templates and types are great, but now there is no way to replace / extend them, you can duplicate an existing, but there is no way to hide / disable standard one

  • missing @me support, it’s weir to mention myself by fullname :wink:

  • would be great to limit values for dropdown relations to a specific object type (like it’s done for tags)

Thank you for a great job for an alpha.
Looking forward for a new features and API.


Hey @dolifer :wave: Welcome to the community. Thank you for sharing your initial impression and thoughts about Anytype.

It would certainly be useful to change the creation date manually. There is a feature request available for it already, please do upvote ( :heart: ) it to show support

There is a request for hierarchical view for sets as well. I guess, this along with Sets from relations would suit your need

This one is for types and relations

and this one is for templates

I’m not sure if a feature request exists for the same :sweat_smile: Please do search and create one if not already available

You can already do that for custom relations created by you. For the one’s that are built-in, few might still be missing the type qualification


Cool, though i’ve created a Company type, discovered that was built-in, now i have two :stuck_out_tongue:

Upwoted the features you’ve mentioned, thank you for your time!