Allow "Creation Date" relation to be changeable


The Problem
As one example —
When new users are moving from other applications to Anytype, it is likely that they will be creating objects, to replicate the material from their previously used application (e.g. Google Docs).
These can include notes, tasks, etc. At the moment, the “Creation Date” relation will always show the date on which the object was created; this cannot be changed.

If a user created a Google Doc in 2019, but decided to move over to to Anytype, there is currently no way to change the “Creation Date” relation to have the original (i.e. 2019) date: the user is forced to disregard the relation, or instead create another one for all of their objects.

The Solution
It would be ideal for users to be able to manually change the creation date of an object.

Additional Context

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Good one. Even better: an option to have AT automatically adjust Creation Date based on imported content.

I actually think there should be an immutable Creation date Relation even when stuff is imported. For imported stuff, a distinction between Import date and Creation date might be helpful, where the Creation date is set to the creation date of the imported Object if such information is shared in the export, and the Import date to be set to today (or the date of the import).

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