Delete or Hide Predefined Types And Relations

Describe the solution you’d like
It would provide a much better overview if the types and relations predefined by Anytype could be deleted or hidden.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
None possible.


I couldn’t agree more, but did you carefully read the lastest Release note? :wink:


Any consideration for this change? Preventing users to delete the default type assumes all users use Anytype for all the example cases that Anytype provides on initial account creation.

I’d be okay with having them deleted, but having them hidden is okay too, for reference I suppose or accidental deletion.

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I agree that this is a key feature. I think it’s great that there are a lot pre-defined types, but not all of them are suitable to my needs. So, I’d prefer to hide/delete existing so that I can create my own; without the Library becoming unwieldy.

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Would also really prefer to have this function. There is alot of noise in the application through the many predefined options. A PKM is a place to focus and a clean start would be the right way to provide this.

In addition to hiding or deleting these, I’d like an option to edit them if possible so I can keep the ones I want and build off of them instead of having to build from scratch to make a minor change.

Hi @DonHansDampf, and welcome to the forum @ccrawford. A lot of internal rework has been done lately that will make this possible soon! The nightly group is already testing some stuff, check this out: Sprint Review (47 & 48)