Sprint Review (47 & 48)

Oops, I completely missed the non-official deadline to post my notes of the previous sprint review meeting! Therefore, these notes combine the updates presented in both sprint review meeting 47 and 48. And, oh boy, do we have some updates for you! :rocket:

These two sprint review meetings felt like all the invisible work that has been done to make Anytype better (much better!) is about to become visible! :sun_behind_large_cloud: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :sun_with_face:

I promise I’ll try to go easy on the exclamation points from here on!!!1!

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams have worked on and are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category.
As part of the Release Train, the next release is tentatively planned for the end of the month, pending results of testing on accounts with different configurations.

Sprint 47 & 48


One huge project that has been running for a considerable amount of time is coming together.

This involves the complete rebuild of the Object storage logic used in Anytype nodes :hammer: . Relations are now first class citizen Objects, opening the door for many improvements like removing (uninstalling) Relations, Set by Relations, and much more :muscle: .

  • Relations as Objects (middleware)
  • Decluttering project is completed so you can now install, uninstall, and rename all Types and Relations that are bundled with a fresh Anytype installation.

All platforms

  • The following options are a result of the Decluttering project and available on all platforms
    • Unused Types and Relations are no longer shown in Library in menus
    • Creation and installation of Types and Relations possible from editor


A lot of work has been done to update the Anytype Desktop application to work with the improvements made to the Object storage. You’ll see this back in editor improvements (Object Type selection, Object linking, Object Type creation, Object Relation creation) and obviously in the Library. In the Library you now have a Marketplace checkout what Object Types and Relations are available in addition to the ones you are already using, and you can uninstall Object Types and Relations that you no longer need. How about an early spring cleanup! :broom: :sponge:

  • Decluttering
    • Interface for Types and Relations Marketplace is implemented
    • Install and uninstall of Types and Relations is now possible
    • Editing of Relation names is now possible
    • Source Object is still shown as a link to the “Foundation Type” when you rename a Relation
  • Widgets
    • Widgets (for now) can only be added to a new sidebar (which replaces the current sidebar), but they can potentially be used anywhere to surface content
    • Two widgets implemented as a proof of concept
      • Link widget (link to Object)
      • Tree widget (show a tree of Objects)
    • You can add to, reorder and remove widgets from the sidebar
    • To be determined how Favorites and Bin are shown in the sidebar (for example, as static components vs widgets)
  • Inline Sets
    • Pagination is working
    • Update styles
    • Many smaller bugs to be resolved, and some parts might need to be reworked to fix an issue with the impact Inline Sets have on storage
  • Custom storage location
  • Object Preview
  • “Link to” project updates (options to like to Objects from another Object)
  • Widgets (link and tree widgets, see below for more info)
  • Marketplace (add/remove Types and Relations)


The main focus has been the optimization of the infrastructure, but in addition to that some nice work has been done on improving the Notion import. The demo looked truly impressive, and when this is released to the public I suspect the Anytype backup node can see some imports coming in :bomb: .

  • Integration tests
  • Import from Notion
    *Importable Notion blocks
    • Properties can be stored as Relations: Tags, Checkboxes, Number, Status, URL’s
    • Text with different Styles (paragraph, heading, text color, background color)
    • Files (pdf, images, etc.)
    • Blocks (TOC, Bookmarks, Divider)
    • Missing: code block, equations
    • Improved Notion import is technically working, but the UI needs to be implemented
  • Inline Sets (atomic changes)
  • Data reliability


NB: Due to the efforts on rebuilding a lot of middleware and Desktop logic, there is not so much work done on the mobile platforms.

  • Finish simple tables (multiple cell edits)


NB: Due to the efforts on rebuilding a lot of middleware and Desktop logic, there is not so much work done on the mobile platforms.

  • Kanban pagination


  • Community is going well (5K users on the forum, goal is 5.5K for end of the year)
  • Integration scenarios between the Discourse forum and Linear (task tracker) for feature requests configured

Thanks for taking the time to read this update :heart_eyes_cat: Before ending, I want to point out a few things that kind of bothered me at least one of my fellow mods:

  1. The team has done an incredible job on reworking a lot of “underwater” logic. Aside all the obvious upsides, there are two downsides:
    A. There was less time spent on shiny new features, so this update might look or feel a lot smaller than it actually is.
    B. The team has had less time to spend on communication, so you might feel things have been a bit quiet on the different channels lately
  2. Some of the topics mentioned here are a bit further out regarding potential release date, but I think this shows that the team is working hard to get you a great experience now, but the best experience a bit further down the line.

That said, I think we can expect some great things to come your way (either end of this year, or in the next :man_shrugging: ), and to see/hear/read more open communication from the team about what is happening :open_book: .

That’s it, you made it all the way to the end! :checkered_flag: :dove:


Go team!


Awesome! So excited for inline sets! Will we see them soonish? Thats the biggest thing keeping me on notion, together with collaboration. As soon as these two work. Bye notion!

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Thank you. I will be eagerly waiting for the ”custom storage location” feature. Great work team. Hope you are all doing well. :blush:


Inline sets (we call it set views) is planned on February and collaboration is late this year


Is calendar view/integration planed to a specific update?

Awesome! Thank you!