How to delete seed data?

I just got Anytime and have been poking around all the example pages that came with it. I think I get the hang of it now and would like to start using it for my own data. How do I delete all the dummy objects that came with the installation and start with a clean slate for my own work? I went through and manually deleted several notes and tasks, but there are still loads of objects that I don’t want lingering around, what is the best way to get started with a clean installation (i.e. no sample objects)?


Hi @kira! There is no way to delete Anytype-created objects for now. Moreover, the current version does not have an ability to delete relations—any of them, both pre-installed and created by you, as well as any files you upload. The devs say that this feature will be available in future versions.

This issue has been addressed multiple times, for example here:

And also there is a big discussion of this issue:

It is a well-known issue and many testers complain about it, so I hope that it will be implemented soon :slight_smile:

I see, thank you for getting back to me. If it’s any use I’ve solved this in similar projects by only allowing deletion of “orphan” nodes or relations. E.g. if a user tries to delete an object that is still referred to by any other, or a relation that is still used by any objects, it is disallowed with a message saying the user must remove all connections to and from it first before deleting. This is much easier to implement than trying to figure out how to mutate an existing data model, which could still be cool but at least letting people delete orphaned nodes/edges will help keep the interface clean and have no impact on the underlying graph.