Different size bubbles in the graph view

I love the graph view feature, that’s the major reason why I started migrating from Notion.
I have one feature to request: customizable design for graph view.
For example, I would like to see the root page as largest node. Then nodes should get smaller as they go further away from the start, so it’s easier to visualize and use the graph.

Also, is there a way to set a default page link view? So that I do not change pages to medium sized card view every time I create one? Other default design setters would be cool too.

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Would the following three requests give you what you need to make this work?

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The first one is the opposite of what i was thinking of, but i see their point as well. They are asking for bigger nodes sizes for those that have more incoming links, and I want the opposite - big for outgoings. Both have their use cases, so I guess that could be customized in preference settings. Manually adjusting option would be interesting too, but I think it will make things a bit more complicated than what’s needed.

Thanks for the reply.
Any idea how often and fast feature requests are taken into consideration, implemented and released?

From general understanding as a fellow user, there are different factors contributions:

  • Numbers of votes for a feature request, see information about voting on forum
  • Impact to the basic structure of the software (also irreversibility)
  • Functions as part of major frameworks, e.g. last big update was about self-hosting and translation; feature related to templates will be updated in template update.

About graph view improvement, May update - the inspiration part, shows the team’s exploration of graph view’s potentials.

While I think it could be argued that many outgoing links should also increase the size of a graph node, I’m not sure what you mean by root page? A predefined homepage?

I think my feature request boils down to bring some more visual structure to the graph view than currently available. More customisation options would also be great. But I just suggested what I was used to from other graph based pkm tools. It’s not just obsidian. As far as I know Logseq and Roam Research have the same approach within their graph views.

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