More card preview display options and Presets of card display


Bookmarks have specific card preview display options to view source relation (aka the external link) and allow user to access the link with a click. It would be great to have this option for other object type as well, e.g. course object for online training video with its link.

In addition to expanding bookmark card preview to other object type, it would be great if we have more display options to choose from, including choices for relations (e.g. authors for book, clients for projects).


There are several ways to do this.

  1. Allow users to link current object and make its card setting as preset
  2. A preview edition pane to edit card preset for users to choose what contents are to be displayed for that object
  3. Amend presets for object types in library


  1. Layout for card

  2. Use starred relation as default displays

Or keep it as it is now.


Option 1 also functions as overview of the object (like an abstract to academic literature)

Option 2 allow the following workflow: Presets of displays for object A, then linking from object B, then change specific display if needed in object B.

Option 3, 4, 5 permit overall presets. This reduce system / note processing.



Hopefully understood you right, that your FR also covers “Presets for Linked Objects” etc.

I would love a feature that lets me configure how a link is looking in advantage
Currently i am reconfiguring each and every single one of my links manually to set color and display as card

Really annoying → Preset for all Links would be great

Is this what you mean?
Different display preset for linking using @ or highlight the words and link? Not just card display (/link), you would like the text to have different presets of font, colour and icon etc?

If so, you might want to consider making an additional feature request. Text formatting preset seems easier to implement compared to card. Use case looks quite different too.

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Sorry my bad,
i already opened a FeatureRequest

Object Links and other Items: Add Settings for default Preview, Text style and Background - Feature Requests - Anytype Community

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